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Video series worth watching: BMW R 18 Soul Story

Rohit Paradkar

BMW ended last week with the reveal of the R 18, a motorcycle that has put the Bavarian roundel back into the kind of motorcycles that the ‘mericans love. The R 18 first showed its intent with the concept that came out last year and the production model is very close to its original form.

Alongside the development, BMW has released a series of videos that documented the R 18's journey from concept to production. With nine episodes amounting to only a little over one hour of content, it is hardly a binge-watch, but the series is certainly worth a watch. Check them out right here:

Episode 1: The roots

Episode 2: The Pure & Crafted Festival

Episode 3: The Barber Vintage Festival

Episode 4: EICMA

Episode 5: The Nettesheim museum

Episode 6: The Boxer Engine

Episode 7: The design process

Episode 8: Individualisaton

Episode 9: The reveal

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