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Video: Koala Found Chilling In The Back Seat After Car Door Was Left Open For A Few Minutes

Stephen Neil

Imagine leaving your car for a few minutes to return and find a wild animal relaxing in the back seat. Well, this is exactly what happened to a man in Australia. Tim Whitrow, a winemaker was out in his car, in the New Alluca Wine Vineyard.

It was only for a few minutes that he left his car with the door open as he had to only go and have a look at the grapes on the vine. He returned to see a Koala inside his car. Thankfully though, it was just a Koala, which is a peace-loving animal and not a 'wild' animal.

Koalas are known to be lazy and relaxed. They are also known to sleep for almost 80 percent of their their lives. We're sure, if Tim hadn't returned to his car in a few minutes, the cuddly animal would have fallen asleep in the back seat of the car for sure.

Watching the video, it is obvious that the Koala didn't want to leave the car even when Tim was trying to chase it out. After multiple attempts to chase it out, the Koala made its way to the front of the car and the dashboard was damaged in the process.

It might have not been intentional, but the Koala's sharp claws caused the damage anyway. The Koala then finally decided to leave the car and made a run for the nearest tree.

Thoughts On Koala Found Inside Car In Australia

This is definitely one of the weirdest incidents to have occurred with a car. Though it seems funny to others, we are sure it wasn't actually funny for Tim as we aren't sure there are a lot of insurance companies that cover damage done by Koalas.

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