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This Valentine’s Day, give your partner Financial Independence with the help of these Apps

Priyadarshini Maji
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Drop the old cliché and do something different for yourself and your loved one this Valentine's Day. There is no better gift than ensuring the financial wellbeing of your loved one. Commonly seen, one of the biggest issues of contention between couples is money.

Harsh Jain, Co-founder, and COO, Groww, says, "The idea that helping your loved ones take full control of their financial life is one of the most meaningful and long-lasting gifts you can give. This can only be possible if people have access to a platform that facilitates hassle-free investing as well as have plenty of educational resources at their disposal to help them make a decision on their own."

According to experts, talking about finances, planning for the future, are vital to maintain a relationship-and be successful with money.

Here are some apps that will help you and your loved ones to gain financial independence;

Groww – It is an app-based investment platform that is simple, transparency and helps first-time investors with financial knowledge, and enables them to make a proper investment decision. The app has been designed to be like a buddy who understands millennials, with the help of intelligent UI and UX. They also have enabled payments through UPI. Along with that this app is entering into stocks, hence, first-time investors can try their hands on the stock investments and not be intimidated by the volatile market.

Paytm Money – The platform has partnered with all 40 AMCs (Asset Management Companies). On Paytm Money, investors can start investing from as low as Rs 100. The onboarding process is entirely digital. They enable investments from 200+ banks for investments. They offer only direct investment plans, with lower expense ratios which result in higher returns.

Scripbox – This app aims at creating awareness and building knowledge. It is a wealth management app that helps in making mutual fund investments easy for first-timers. It is registered with the Association of Mutual Funds in India as a Corporate Distributor of Mutual Funds. It is free of charge for investors and uses AI to help investors make investment decisions.

Piggy – Piggy is an investment app that simplifies investments for first-timers. It makes investing easier and seamless for regular investors. With this app, you can invest in direct plans of up to 25 mutual fund houses on one app. It also gives the investor a curated list of top mutual funds and helps them track and manage their portfolio.