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US Polls: With 3 Days Left, Biden Maintains Narrow Lead Over Trump

The Quint
·2-min read

With just three days left for the 3 November United States presidential election, Democratic nominee Joe Biden was polling narrowly ahead of incumbent Republican President Donald Trump according to several polls.

The former Vice President has been ahead of Trump in most national polls since the beginning of 2020 and has had upwards of 10-point lead on occasions.

What do the latest nation poll trackers say:

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  • A Fox News poll released on Friday gave Biden a narrow 8-point lead. The poll shows that white men, rural voters, and white evangelical Christians have favoured Trump. On the other hand, Biden is the preferred choice when it comes to women, suburban women, Hispanics, Blacks, and voters under age 30.

  • A CNN poll released on Thursday showed that Biden currently had the backing of 54 percent of the registered voters, while 42 percent supported the President.

  • According to the latest Reuters/Ipsos opinion poll released on 27 October, Biden was in the lead with support from 52 percent of registered voters, while Trump had the backing of 42 percent.

  • The NBC News polling average had Biden up by almost 8 percentage points over Trump, 51.7 percent-43.7 percent.

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  • In the RealClear Politics polling average, the former Vice President was currently leading Trump in a 51.4 percent to 43.5 percent vote.

  • The latest Quinnipiac University poll national released on 23 October showed Biden with a 10-point advantage.

  • The New York Times/Siena College polls give Biden a 9 percent lead with 50 percent of registered voters in his favour while 41 percent backing Trump.

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It’s important to note that Hillary Clinton also enjoyed a comfortable lead in the polls in the 2016 presidential elections and managed to win over 2 million more votes than Trump but ended up losing the election because of the electoral college system.

In the electoral college system, each US state is given a number of votes based on the number of the members it sends to the US Congress. Biden still enjoys a lead in the battleground states but it is narrower than the national lead. Trump's chances for closing the gap depend on Election Day turnout.

The Fox News poll suggested that 2 percent of registered voters were still undecided. Tens of thousands of American have already voted in early in-person/mail-in voting, pointing to a record-breaking turnout. The deadline for early voting was Friday.

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