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UK girls 'bigger users of smartphone than boys', says research

London, Mar 5 (ANI): Girls in Britain are bigger smartphone users than boys, a research into children's technology habits has revealed.

According to research by Mintel, girls aged between seven and 15 are more likely to own a smartphone than boys.

Also 45 per cent of girls say they use a smartphone every day, compared with 35 per cent of boys.

Girls are also more likely than boys to own MP3 players and laptop computers, the research found.

The research said that boys are more likely to own desktop computers, the Telegraph reports.

While laptops and desktops were present in most children's homes (88 per cent and 66 per cent respectively), tablets (32 per cent) and e-readers (25 per cent) were less common, the report said.

Laptops tended to be present in the home regardless of family income levels, while smartphones were more likely to be found in high income homes, it added. (ANI)