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UK declares new BlackBerry software 'not safe enough for essential govt work'

London, mar 20 (ANI): The British government has rejected BlackBerry's new BB10 software as not secure enough for essential work.

The previous BlackBerry version, 7.1, was cleared by the country's Communications-Electronics Security Group (CESG) in December 2012 for classifications up to "Restricted", two levels below "Secret".

But tests on BB10 and the BlackBerry Balance software, intended to separate work and personal accounts and prevent any copying of data between them, have shown that it fails the same security requirements, the Guardian reports.

BlackBerry has confirmed that BB10 has not been passed yet by CESG, but could not offer a date when revised software would be submitted.

According to the paper, the news is a blow to hopes that the new operating system, released on the Z10 handset in January, would spark a rapid revival in the company's fortunes after a torrid year of losses.

Z10 and its upcoming keyboard-based version, the Q10, are high-priced devices intended to win back corporate customers who have begun to migrate to Apple's iPhone or to Android devices.

According to the paper, the company has nor offered a clear date when it will fix the weakness. (ANI)