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Trump spent $3 million on a Wisconsin recount which has boosted Biden’s total vote

Harriet Alexander
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<p>Ballots are pictured being recounted in Wisconsin on 21 November</p> (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel)

Ballots are pictured being recounted in Wisconsin on 21 November

(Milwaukee Journal Sentinel)

Donald Trump has spent $3 million on a recount of votes in Wisconsin, which has boosted the total for Joe Biden.

Mr Biden’s tally increased by 132 votes Milwaukee County – the largest county in the state, and one of two districts where Mr Trump sought a recount.

The president, however, refused to be disheartened, telling his supporters: “Stay tuned!”

The Milwaukee County vote totals increased for both candidates after election officials found several hundred uncounted ballots earlier this week.

Claire Woodall-Vogg, the chief election official for the city of Milwaukee, attributed it to “human error.”

Overall, Mr Biden gained 257 votes to Mr Trump’s 125, with 640,000 cast in the county.

In the second area, Dane County – another Democratic stronghold – votes are still being tallied in a count expected to last into the weekend. Mr Trump has gained 68 votes over Mr Biden so far.

Mr Biden won the state by 20,600 votes following the 3 November vote.

Wisconsin election officials informed the Trump campaign that, if they wanted a recount of the entire state, it would cost them $7.9 million. The campaign then opted for the two counties – Dane and Milwaukee – where they felt they had the best chances.

Dane County is expected to finish its recount on Sunday.

The Trump campaign is still expected to mount a legal challenge to the overall result in Wisconsin, but time is running out. The state is due to certify its presidential result on Tuesday.

On 14 December, electors from all states will meet to choose the candidate their state has voted for.

Mr Trump is still hoping to overturn the result, although he stands little chance of doing so.

Legal efforts to date have been unsuccessful in Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada and Pennsylvania.

His legal team, led by Rudy Giuliani, is now hoping that the Supreme Court takes up their case in Pennsylvania – something they have no obligation to do.

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