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Trump discussing forming new political outfit called the Patriot Party, report says

Mayank Aggarwal
·2-min read
<p>File image: Donald Trump received over 74 million votes in the 2020 presidential elections </p> (AP)

File image: Donald Trump received over 74 million votes in the 2020 presidential elections


In a clear indication that Donald Trump is not going to quietly settle down into the life of a private citizen after his White House stint, a new report on Wednesday said he is discussing forming a new political outfit called the Patriot Party.

Following the riots in Washington on 6 January when Trump supporters breached the Capitol after being egged on by the president himself, he has faced severe criticism with many Republicans deserting him and the Congress impeaching him for the second time.

Since then, Mr Trump has discussed the possibility of such a party with several aides and other people close to him. He wants to name it the “Patriot Party,” reported the Wall Street Journal. In his farewell speech too, Mr Trump said his movement is "just beginning.”

A new party by Mr Trump could help him continue exercising influence once he leaves the office of the president.

In a farewell video message released by the White House on Tuesday, Mr Trump told his steadfast supporters, “the movement we started is only just beginning. There’s never been anything like it.”

“I go from this majestic place with a loyal and joyful heart and optimistic spirit, and a supreme confidence that for our country and for our children, the best is yet to come,” Mr Trump said.

While Mr Trump has been criticised for the riots and pursuing an election fraud campaign without offering any evidence, he still has the support of several Republicans, who remained loyal to him during his second impeachment process too.

The former president had a fallout with several allies such as vice president Mike Pence, Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell, among others. Mr McConnell recently blamed Mr Trump for the Capitol riots stating that the mob was “fed lies”.

But Mr Trump continues to remain popular among Republicans and has a solid base of supporters – something that was visible in the increase in the votes that he got in the 2020 presidential elections.

However, the details for the new party are sketchy and would require a lot of efforts as there will certainly be resistance from the Republican party itself, the report said.

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