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TraWork: A unique startup that lets you take your work on a vacation

TraWork, Travel startup, startup, Travel while working, Travel Visa, India Visa, Vandita Purohit

By Seema Wadhwa

At some point or the other, we all have been bitten by the travel bug that takes us around the globe, but unlike those carefree wanderers the movies portray, most of us have a job or professional commitment that commands our constant attention. This often means bidding goodbye to scenic vacations, cultural explorations and a whole new bunch of diverse experiences.

Bridging this gap between fulfilling one’s quest to travel and keeping up with work is TraWork.

A unique startup run by Pune-based entrepreneur, Vandita Purohit, TraWork is about travelling and working together!

As the name suggests, TraWork is part travel, part work! The idea is that while one is travelling to some of the must-visit destinations across the world, they’re also given access to co-working spaces, networking opportunities and more. This ensures that neither your bucket list nor your work takes a backseat, typically defining ‘Work On The Go’.

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Breaking stereotypes around working and travelling, TraWork gives its members the unique opportunity to work while witnessing some of the most fascinating locations around the world. Once signed up, every Trawork-er is entitled to complete assistance with logistics that comprise essential elements such as accommodation, local experiences, inter and intra city transport and city exploration. For those with a focussed domain, the start-up gives its members some of the best collaboration and network opportunities abroad, making them a part of a much larger professional community world-over. The only thing one has to do is to bear his/her respective Visa costs.

TraWork, Travel startup, startup, Travel while working, Travel Visa, India Visa, Vandita Purohit

Explaining the idea in her own words, Vandita, says, "Whatever we do in our daily lives – exercise, going to work, hanging out with friends, chilling on weekends-everything remains the same. All we do is take you from your current city and put you in an entirely new city to experience your work and life in a different light."

Work fills a major part of our lives. When you can’t just take a break, TraWorks allows you to take your work on a holiday. This way you can be away for a longer time with nothing holding you back.

How Can One Experience TraWorking?

If you’re wondering how can you experience TraWorking, there are two upcoming trips.

Work while exploring three European countries, Budapest, Vienna, Bratislava from 28th July – 11th August. The cost per person is Rs 1,00,000 which includes All Accommodation, Breakfast, Intra & InterCity Transport, Networking Opportunities, Interactive Activities and more.

If you’re keen on exploring Asia, then check out the trip to Cambodia and Thailand from 28th July- 6th August for Rs 60,000 per person inclusive of the same access and amenities as the trip to Europe.

The next time you’re planning a trip with work holding you back, remember now there’s a way out!

(The author is a Mumbai-based travel writer, blogger and Instagrammer. Views expressed are personal.)