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Train ticket prices take off like airfares

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Mail Today
Train ticket prices take off like airfares

With demand for train tickets soaring as Holi gets nearer, the railways have decided to run two superfast premium special express trains on Delhi-Mumbai and Delhi-Jammu Tawi sectors for which ticket prices could fly high as in the case of airfares. This new service would also help the railways to earn additional revenue.

The concept of dynamic train fares took off on Monday, and response for both the Delhi-Mumbai and Delhi-Jammu Tawi trains was good. As the festival comes closer, the prices of the tickets may go 2.5 to 3 percent higher, which could mean that a 2AC ticket that costs Rs 2,495 could go up to over Rs 7,000 or could shoot up even further when booked at the last minute.

Taking a cue from the dynamic airfares, the railways used the concept to earn extra revenue, and instead of introducing special trains it has introduced the premium trains.

“The railways expect 20 to 30 percent extra earnings from each trip of the premium trains,” said a senior railways official.

“The railways had run a premium train from New Delhi to Mumbai on an experimental basis in January. The response to that was good as the train was booked to full capacity and fares went up two-and-a-half times,” the official added.

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It was after the successful trial that in the Interim Railway Budget premium trains on 17 routes were announced. The train on Delhi-Mumbai route will run between March 14 and 16, while the return journeys will be on March 15 and 17. The Delhi-Jammu train will run for three days—March 14, 16 and 21, and the return journeys are scheduled on March 15, 17 and 22.

The Delhi-Mumbai train comprise four AC 2 Tier and 10 AC 3 Tier coaches. The Delhi-Jammu Tawi train comprise two AC 2 Tier, four AC 3 Tier, nine sleeper class and two second-class-cumluggage van coaches.

“The fare is likely to increase depending on the demand’s intensity. There will be no commercial stoppages en route for this train. The trains will originate and terminate at New Delhi and Mumbai Central/Jammu Tawi stations, respectively,” a senior railway official said.

“No concession shall be applicable to this train. There will be no refund except when the train is cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances or due to severe disturbances affecting operations,” the officer added.

However, tickets for the premium trains can be booked only through the IRCTC website and no waitlisted tickets will be issued. The advance reservation period will be shorter, which is a maximum of 15 days. Dynamic pricing is already being applied in freight business.

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