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Toshiba TY-ASC60 speaker: Perfect for indoor as well as outdoor use

Sudhir Chowdhary
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Party songs provide the soundtrack for some of the best moments of our lives. Of course, you need a good music system to make your party memorable, whether it is an assembly of relatives or friends. A new speaker system from Toshiba TY-ASC60 is one such system which can make party-goers groove to the latest beats. Packed with a whole lot of new technologies, this is a portable rechargeable speaker that is equipped with Bluetooth and USB playback facility. It retails for Rs 18,500; let us take a look at some of its features and performance.

Appearance-wise, the TY-ASC60 system looks neat with a good design and sturdy build; light and compact, I am sure it will appeal to the youngsters and other age group audience as well. The panel on top with a good number of buttons may look a bit intimidating at first, however like every other new device, you need to get used to this Toshiba machine. Trust me, it is extremely simple to use and operate. There are buttons for basic functions, such as turning the unit on/off, setting the function mode, adjusting the volume, etc.

This unit has a built-in Lead Acid rechargeable battery and to start charging it, connect the supplied AC cord to the socket on the back of the unit, then insert the plug into an AC receptacle. The charge indicator lights up in red while the battery is charging. When the battery is fully charged (around six to seven hours), the charge indicator turns green. When the battery voltage is low and needs to be recharged, the charge indicator flashes red.

The TY-ASC60 system is compatible with all Apple and Android devices. There are attractive LED lights t hat will flash to the beat to the music. This is quite an attraction especially when the music system is alive in a dimly-lit party environment. There are two USB input slots for music playback, so you can even play music stored in your drive, other than real-time audio streaming from your mobile phone. The system comes with a karaoke input for your microphone and a Mono jack for your guitar. You can even listen to FM radio; the system comes with FM stereo digital tuner with 30 preset stations.

In my usage, I connected the Toshiba system with my Android phone and Dell laptop which stores my music collection from the 80s. Trust me, the system delivers all the power you need for a powerful audio system. It delivers powerful deep bass which makes it perfect for use indoors and outdoors. Its LED lights that flash to the beat of the music are an added compliment for full-fidelity performance. I tried all sorts of music on it; Indian classical, rock, folk, Hindi film songs etc. It s crystal clear with a tonne of bass; sound is even good at high volume.

All in all, everything sounds nice and crisp on this system.