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Top Apps that'll help you sell your old stuff

Top Apps that'll help you sell your old stuff

Just a d decade ago it was extremely difficult to sell any of the old items that you had. Either you were forced to dispose it off at throwaway prices or give it to the local scrap guy. However, times have changed and all thanks to online shopping, it is more than easy to sell any stuff that you no longer need. Here we share with you the top apps that have been created with the purpose of selling old stuff.


With a very high number of buyers and sellers, OLX is probably one of the most widely used and loved apps in this category. Within a few minutes of posting an ad you start receiving responses and hopefully your product is sold. It rarely gets easier than that. Not only that, if you wish to find high-quality buyers you can pay a small fee and place your ad on top of the list.


With a very similar format to OLX, the Quikr app is heavily promoted on television. They have been in business for over 10 years and their reach has spread to nearly 900 cities. From very basic things to heavyweight items like electronics, if you’re looking for a trustworthy buyer base, Quikr is a great option.


Koove is another rather popular app used by sellers across the country. They have a ton of features in place to ensure that their sellers are not cheated in any manner. The experience they provide is more like a flea market where you sell stuff just to stop any unnecessary waste from your perspective, and it helps put useable things to use rather than just throwing it away. The app is more like a social network where you can interact with other people looking for something others may be otherwise discarding.

ListUp App

The purpose of this app is simple. They want to connect neighbors and people living within proximities so they can bargain and sell items that they do not need amongst each other. You can post ads for any kind of category including books, musical instruments, furniture, electronics, etc. If there is someone close by and has an interest in purchasing the same you can essentially negotiate and close your sale through the app.


Similar to ListUp, you can meet people here who wish to buy the stuff that you want to sell. It has a very safe environment and if you are trading here you can be assured of not falling into any kind of a trap. You get to chat with locals and see their pre-loved items and finally purchase something that you were looking for.


Buying and selling old stuff online is easy to handle. You just need to patiently manage queries that would arise once you post your ad. Though these apps ensure the safety of the seller, it is always good if you maintain discretion while chatting and only pursue the sale further if you are sure that you’ve found a trustworthy and serious buyer can be trusted.

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