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Top 14 Credit Repair Companies in 2020

·5-min read

With a credit score less than 600, it can be difficult to qualify for loans or receive affordable interest rates. If your credit history is damaged, check out this list of companies and discover the best credit repair company for you. These companies work to raise your credit score and position you to take advantage of more financial opportunities.

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Mason Premier Credit Solutions LLC

This family owned business has a mission to leave their mark one credit score at a time by adding value to your financial and credit health. This Aurora, CO based credit repair company guarantees honesty and dependability. Credit repair firms cannot do anything that consumers can not do themselves, but Mason Premier Credit Solutions helps achieve results in a fraction of time and avoids making costly disputing errors. First Work Fee is $199. For more information visit

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New Beginnings Credit Consulting

This Dallas, Texas based credit repair company specializes in assisting renters improve their credit scores to qualify for first time home buyer loans and programs. First Work Fee $149.

For more information visit

New Credit Law, LLC

New Credit Laws’ founder, Joshua Grayson, began his personal credit repair journey with a 467 credit score. Grayson, a self-taught credit expert, removed 88 negative marks on his own credit reports and skyrocketed his credit score into the 800’s in less than two years. Grayson leveraged the lessons he learned from his own credit failures and founded New Credit Law. This Houston, TX based credit repair company also assists clients with qualifying for new accounts to rebuild credit, inquiry deletions, lowering annual percentage rates, and budgeting. New Credit Law offers virtual conference calls twice a month to provide clients continuing credit education. Visit for pricing plans.

Next Level Credit Group

This Houston, Texas based credit repair company provides clients free budgeting guidence and credit education. They also offer a money back guarantee. First Work Fee is $250 Contact:

Nine 7 Consulting

Knowledge and persistence propels this Amarillo, Texas based credit repair business to achieve positive results for clients. Improvement in credit scores means easier access to financial freedom for clients. First work fee is $99 to get started. For more information visit

Pathto700 Credit Consultants

This Hampton, VA based credit repair company puts clients at the forefront of their operations. Pathto700 offers various service levels and pricing plans depending on your credit repair needs and backs their work with a money back guarantee. For more information visit

Queens of Credit

This Woodlands, Texas based credit repair company provides clients an in-depth look into the items negatively impacting their credit scores and provides an action plan to increase credit scores in 90 days. Queens of Credit offer credit education on how to achieve a 750 credit score or higher, and a team dedicated to delivering results and communication every 30-45 days. First work fee is $150 and monthly service fee is $99. For More Information: visit

R3 by Serenity Resolutions

Unique disputing strategies and outstanding customer service has helped this Memphis, Tennessee based credit repair company earn a positive reputation. R3 by Serenity Resolutions believes in the importance of communication and transparency with clients and potential clients. Every client receives free credit education. First work fee is $199. Contact:

Serious Credit Repair

This Virginia Beach, Virginia based credit repair company doesn’t use traditional dispute letters as a method for removing negative information from credit reports. Instead, Serious Credit Repair challenges the credit bureaus compliance with their own rules as mandated by recent federal court decisions. This unique disputing method can ethically expedite the removal of erroneous information. Pricing varies depending on client needs. Consultations are free. For more information visit

Silver Crown Credit Repair

Silver Crown Credit Repair (SCCR), a Chicago, Illinois based credit repair company believes educating clients on the building blocks of financial literacy leads to great credit scores. Founder, Ms. Sanja E. Noble, a single mother, faced her own credit challenges in the past and now shares how she improved her own credit with SCCR clients. SCCR's personalized service includes understanding each clients’ goals and developing a roadmap guiding clients to achieve those goals. Ms. Noble, CEO, has a Master’s in Business Administration, Masters of Project Management, PMP and is also a certified Board Credit Consultant with 20 plus years in the financial and real estate industries. Free 30 minute consultation to assess each client's goals and needs. For more information visit

Supreme Financial Solutions

This Atlanta, Georgia based credit repair company advertises that they offer inexpensive options to restore credit without a steep first work fee and offers a couples discount. Since, different clients have different needs, Supreme Financial Solutions designs personalized solutions to fit every clients needs. First work fee is $99. Contact:

The Credit Laboratory

The Credit Laboratory helps clients get their credit scores moving in the right direction for less than the daily cost of a cup of coffee for 30 days, under $100. This Mobile, Alabama based credit repair company offers outstanding great customer service by prioritizing client communication and listening to clients needs. The Credit Laboratory changes lives daily by helping clients reach their financial goals. For special offers visit

Integrity Credit Repair

This Miami, Florida based company provides free credit education to actively enrolled credit repair clients. First work fee is $79. For more information visit

Score Risers, LLC

This Baton Rouge, Louisiana based company leverages factual and compliance based disputing to repair clients' credit. First work fee is $199 and $99 monthly. Contact