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Top 10 Social Media Platforms to Grow Your Business

Vipul Das

A highly complex strategy, which takes attention to each of the top 10 social media sites, gives good growth to your business. A comprehensive effort to raise awareness on popular social media platforms with the largest possible audiences requires successful use of the social media industry. There are three big strategies essential to be efficient when using social media for commercial marketing purposes. These include building interest in social media, business-to-business networking and maintaining the company's online reputation.

Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Facebook Messenger, Pinterest, Snapchat, Reddit, Tumblr, WhatsApp, Google Hangouts and Twitter are among the best social media sites for Business to Client businesses. To improve your Business to Business network, Linkedin is your best partner to improve your business efforts. The third significant strategy is to maintain the business's online reputation on social media platforms is Yelp and Google My Business. In this article, we will approach the best 10 social sites for businessmen which will be the most successful for your business and generate more revenue.


It is the top social platform when it comes to growing your business on a social media platform. With 2.37 Billion users Facebook is the widely known social platform for business. More than 60 million successful Facebook business pages are now registered by Facebook. Facebook allows you to create a business page in which you can promote your business in a convenient manner.

Creating a business page on Facebook promote your brand awareness on social media users. Facebook gives you the ability to target your exact audience and to include your adverts and the material in your newsfeed. A high content with A / B split testing, extensive Facebook knowledge, user base and advertising platform can be a deadly combination for your business. Apart from this Facebook provides marketers with innovative ideas and offers success stories from some businesses.

Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger blends into Facebook well and users favourite mobile app for its additional features. Facebook Messenger is used by more than 270 million users. The app enables Facebook users to send messages directly to each other and fortunately, this feature also extends to business pages for you.

Businessmen may put a link on their Facebook page or Facebook Messenger and automatically connect with clients through simple chat. You can also set up automated messages for your business page, apart from using Facebook Messenger ads. In this case, Facebook Messenger sends an automated message back to them (one that you have crafted) if someone contacts your Facebook business page organically.


Instagram is relevant to Facebook when it comes to promoting your business on the social media platform. With its active user of more than 800 million is the third largest social media platform for the businessmen. All advertisement tools which are used on Facebook can be used with Instagram also. This ensures that it is possible to focus strategically on very specific demographic information for targeted advertising users.

Thanks to its acquisition by Facebook, Instagram has links to the same broad user base and advertising platform same as the Facebook Messenger. On Instagram, you will organically expand your followers and thus also organically increase the scope of your profile and business related posts. This makes Instagram the most active social media platform to grow your business organically without any investment. You can post share your business related post via photo and video which makes the users watch and read about your business.


Pinterest is very useful for a business to grow as it enables you to publish vibrant photos and services of your business. With more than 320 million users is one of the best platforms to promote your business and sell your product on social media. Through developing an image gallery of products or services that can be viewed as a category or series, a Pinterest page draws online traffic in order to grow users for your business.

While Pinterest's advertising platform is not as sophisticated as Facebook's, through your Pinterest account you can still use paid Pinterest ads to improve the visibility of your posts and monitor online conversions. The volume of keywords in a post and whether they match with what a person has searched for on Pinterest is decided by the organic reach on Pinterest.


It is another popular social media platform that allows users to either upload Snapchats (a screenshot or video) directly to another consumer or to their Snapchat Story. A Snapchat sent directly to another user can only be seen once, but a Snapchat business story is available up to 24 hours after it has been uploaded. Snapchat has the active user database of more than 188 million in which 60% of these Snapchat users make a Snapchat image every day. Snapchat automatically offers full-screen advertisements with the sound on access to videos.

The location-based filter is a distinctive feature on Snapchat. Businesses may pay to own their physical locations in a geographically defined area. These can be for permanent business locations, such as shops or restaurants. Snapchat also provides advertising services where you can pay to get a linkable Snapchat in Snapchat's Discovery section. One more popular feature of Snapchat is Lenses are used to add overlays to the photos of the users. So it is one of the best social media platform to meet your targeted audience through Snapchat stories and news feed.


Youtube is another best digital platform to grow your business by creating Youtube channels and creating your business related videos which will increase your subscribers. With its active user database of more than 1.8 Billion Youtube gives you the best chance to grow your business by uploading your business related videos. YouTube has an advantage for visual content, but it is remarkable that it is owned by Google, unlike the other company social media websites we have listed so far. You, therefore, have access to the advertising platform of Google, which you can use for your advantage while running YouTube advertisements.

Moreover, if you upload a video with the proper content of your business it may generate large views. You can share your video on all social media platforms which helps you to boost your business goals. Creating a channel on Youtube with numerous videos related to your business will be the key to reach your targeted audience. You can set up higher search rankings for your YouTube videos by including the proper keywords, video title and video description without any investment.


With its active user of more than 300 million Twitter is the widely used platform to read and making tweets and re-tweets. You can post photos, videoes of your business and the most unique feature of Twitter is that you can make real time updates for your business or any. Twitter supports live messaging along with the use of the special "hashtags" identifiers.

Hashtags begin with the "#" symbol and become famous with their use for every popular news. Businesses can generate video ads on Twitter partner with influencers, and use brand ambassadors to tweet about their products on a regular basis. Twitter claims that 85% of its users believe that customer service via Twitter is essential for their business. Twitter has a special feature of customer service that enable businesses to respond quickly to the needs of their customers. This feature helps you to maintain online reputation, build good customer relationships by which you can easily increase promote your business on a social media platform.


It is the unique social media platform for making communication between business and business. Free LinkedIn accounts have some basic search features available. However, LinkedIn charges a monthly subscription fee in order to get full access. With its user database of more than 575 million users, it is the most effective social media platform for B2B goal.

In terms of its marketing features, LinkedIn's advertising platform is not as innovative as Facebook's, but it offers you much more job positions to advertise than Facebook does. If you depend on targeting particular business or jobs then LinkedIn will be your crucial social media platform. 81% of B2B marketing efforts use LinkedIn for product launches for B2B.LinkedIn comparison sites are at higher rates than Facebook and other social media for B2B businesses on LinkedIn.

Google My Business

Google has launched Google My Business in 2014 this is part of ongoing attempts by Google to make the search results more important to consumers. The aim is to answer queries for items in the geographic area based on the search location of the user. You can create a free account on Google My Business you can get more than a business listing. Your free business profile helps you to communicate quickly with consumers via Google Search and Maps.

To show what makes your business special, you can post photos and deals to your profile for which the customers know the uniqueness of your business and services. Your customers can connect with you by calling, messaging or just by giving a review to your business. With 5 billion searches on Google for restaurants, 3 billion searches for hotels, 1 billion searches for clothing shops, 600 million searches for hair and beauty salons, 5 million searches for coffee shops you can grow your business and customers in a convenient manner.


Yelp is most popular among users while searching for a new place to visit. The tools Yelp for Business are free. Businesses only need to assert their free listing for Yelp, and then add business information. With its user database of more than 200 million, it helps to provide a positive experience to your business. All businesses which communicate with the public must maintain their credibility actively online, Yelp helps you to keep an eye to your customer's reviews which is the key point to grow business on a social media platform.

There are also paid advertisement options in addition to a free business listing at Yelp. and the Yelp-mobile-app are developed, hosted and marketed by the company which creates crowd sourced about your business. By doing so, you are developing an organic sense of honesty and trust between your business and your customers, and this can play an enormous role in increasing and maintaining the customer database.

About the Author

Vipul Das is writing finance and business related articles from the past 1 year for goodreturns. He has done BCA and having strong knowledge in Finance and Business field. You can connect with him on Facebook and Twitter

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