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Too busy cooking your own Khayali Pulao? Here’s what you might be missing out

Well, our favourite part of the day would obviously be dreaming about all those things we wish we had and that’s as enticing as it sounds. A lavish lifestyle, expensive cars, holidaying at a beach, a good gala time with friends and family, and that too without having to work 40 hours a week…Lovely! We all wish to have all this at some point in time but what’s missing here is a plan, a plan to bring everything into existence and a plan to avoid getting caught in future predicaments. While we’re too busy cooking our own Khayali Pulao, we miss out on acting upon our future plans and seldom do we realize how forgetful have we all become in a race to make both ends meet. So first things first, it’s time we killed the procrastinating sloths in us to actually get going with our future plans.

Too busy cooking your own Khayali Pulao? Here's what you might be missing out
Too busy cooking your own Khayali Pulao?

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