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Titanic’s 107th anniversary: 10 mind blowing facts about the iconic luxury ship ‘that never sank’

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Remember, Titanic, the world’s most famous ship that became synonymous with the ultimate experience of luxury? World over, no one can forget how the iconic ship sank, leading to the tragic death of over 1500 people who were on board. So, are you wondering what is the significance of remembering the Titanic today. We have a reason! April 15 marks the 107th anniversary of what is referred to as one of the world’s worst maritime disasters in history.

Following the sinking of the Titanic, the most shocking finding has been that over half of those who were on board could have survived if the space inside the life boats had been properly utilised. Today, we examine a few fascinating and lesser known facts about Titanic, celebrated at the time as the world’s most luxurious ship of its time.

Titanic and the Hershey Connect
Milton Hershey, the inventor of the much loved Hershey’s Milk Chocolate bar, was supposed to be on the Titanic with his wife. But they didn’t make it at the last minute. He even reserved a stateroom on the ship and wrote out a check for $300. By some stroke of luck, he had to prioritise business to skip the Titanic journey.

Titanic launch watched by 100,000 people
The launch of the Titanic ship was anything but modest. Around 100,000 people are believed to have watched the Titanic launch as it made its way into the sparkling waters.

Titanic ship, the largest vessel of its time
Measuring 882 feet and 9 inches in length, the Titanic is believed to have been the largest vessel of its time.

Titanic cost $7 million
To build the Titanic ship in the early 18th century, the estimated cost is believed to be $7 million.

Titanic’s last menu for lunch bought for $88,000!
Foodies, you may be amazed to know that in 2015, the Titanic’s last menu was bought in an online auction for a whopping $88,000.

61% of survivors were first class guests
Out of the 2223 passengers, around 705 survived the tragedy. About 61% of the Titanic survivors comprised of the ship’s first class guests.

14,000 gallons of water consumed daily
This may completely shock you! It is estimated that 14,000 gallons of water were consumed daily on the Titanic. Given that a gallon of water is equivalent to 16 cups, we can safely estimate that around 224,000 cups of water were served among 2223 passengers who were on board.

Seven decades to find the ruins
Ruins of the Titanic ship were discovered seven decades after the disaster struck.

Musicians played while the ship went down
While the ship went down, musicians continued playing for the guests. “Nearer, my God, to Thee” is believed to be one of the songs that was last played on the Titanic ship. This song was composed and sung in the movie ‘Titanic’ as well.

Luxury privileges for first class passengers
Only those guests who had first class tickets had access to enjoy several luxuries such as access to play tennis, dine at Parisian caf s, curl up with books in a library or simply relax and enjoy in a tea garden. These were the kind of enthralling facilities that only first class passengers could access and enjoy.

Plenty of interesting facts are still discussed and being unravelled about the Titanic ships. Questions linger on about what really happened to cause the tragedy that we all know about as being caused by an ice berg that punctured the luxurious ship to such an extent that water flowed rapidly between compartments, causing massive destruction.