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Tips to take care of your car during Holi

Holi car care

Holi is the festival of colours, but while you might have a good time celebrating it, your car might not.

Here are a few simple tips to protect your car.

1. The first and most basic rule is that if you have a garage, park it inside it. If you park your car outside, try to find a different parking spot or a place it is not likely to be splashed with colours.

2. Get a car cover and actually use it! Studies show car covers are not used but it would be a good idea to protect your car with a good quality car cover at least during the Holi season.

3. Another important thing is to give your car a wax polish. This is important and helps to protect your car’s paint. You can buy car wax and do it yourself or get it done professionally.

4. If you are using your car on Holi, make sure you are ready and by that I mean carry a fresh set of clothes in the car and cover all the interior as much as possible with plastic covers and even use gloves to drive.

5. If there are colour stains on the car immediately wash them out, but not with a dry cloth as that would damaged the paint. Use a wet cloth to remove the stains immediately and later get your car polished by professionals.

6. If the interior has colour stains do not use chemicals or anything that would cause damage, use shampoo and a wet cloth and later get professional help.