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Tips to expand your Instagram reach

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Tips to expand your Instagram reach
Tips to expand your Instagram reach

07 Nov 2020: Tips to expand your Instagram reach

Instagram, a social media platform with over 500 million users, is the perfect place to help you grow your skills.

To become a successful Instagram influencer, you need an effective strategy that would enable you to use all the Instagram features with ease.

Therefore, you need a few tricks to grow your account, which will connect you to your target audience and reputable brands.

#1: Optimize your Instagram profile to attract more followers and brands

Optimize your Instagram profile to increase your followers and attract numerous brands:

Display your niche, repertoire, and your work in your Instagram bio.

Use a name that targeted audiences are more likely to comprehend. Keep it short and straightforward so that it's easier to search.

Moreover, use emojis for a universal appeal, add your contact details and include a link to your YouTube channel/blog/website.

#2: Post unique yet valuable content, and use relevant hashtags

Your content should inform or create an emotional appeal.

If your posts are unique, engaging, promotional, and compelling, you will attract more followers and brands.

Effective use of the Instagram features and tools will help you develop popular content. Hashtags is one such way.

Find 10-15 commonly searched hashtags related to your post so that the people searching these hashtags can increase its visibility.

#3: Highest quality of visual content is a great marketing strategy

Creating high-quality visual content is a great marketing strategy on Instagram.

So, it is advisable to shoot pictures and videos in proper lighting conditions for high-quality visual content.

Use a dependable photo editing tool to improve the quality of your visual content to get more followers.

Modern Proper displays top-quality visual content on Instagram. Check it out to learn more.

#4: Build an inviting feed to gain 'feed fans'

While the best quality visual content has high engaging power, an attractive feed will help you build "feed fans."

Fans will be attracted to your feeds, and they'll visit your profile regularly.

A useful hack is to use a uniform palette to make your feed more appealing.

An example is Janea Brown's Instagram feed. A large number of her posts feature a white background.

#5: Employ the use of live video feeds for real-time engagement

Going live with your targeted audience is another way to grow your Instagram account. Consistent interaction with followers builds stronger connections.

Host live sessions to show what you do everyday.

It's not easy to grow your Instagram channel because of demands like creating content, account management, and performance tracking.

But with patience and the best strategy, you can grow your channel.

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