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Time travel will have to wait before it’s possible in nature

The Financial Express
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Even the slightest possibility of time travel exerts such fascination among scientists, sci-fi enthusiasts and even the common person, intriguing many a dream, that many physicists continue to study not only whether it may be possible but also how one might do it. An international team of scientists led by researchers at the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology might be closer to this aspiration of travelling back in time by demonstrating the possibility of time reversal in a development that contradicts the basic laws of physics, Newsweek reported. In physics, systems travelling forward in time evolve from a simple state to a more complicated one known as the thermodynamic arrow of time. It is like the evolving of complex multiple cell organisms (humans) from unicellular ones that has transpired over millions of years. If time were reversed for a human though, they would, theoretically, become younger.

The study by the Russian scientists and team, published in the journal Scientific Reports, involved transforming a qubit (like bits of data, a qubit is the basic unit of quantum information) from a more complicated state to a simpler one, changing the quantum state back in time, against the thermodynamic arrow of time principle. Time travel and time machine aficionados, however, must wait before their dreams are realised. The programme was successful when utilised with a two qubit quantum computer around 85% of the time. But when a third qubit was introduced, more errors occurred and the success rate fell to around 50%. Therefore, developing a system that can reverse time on a large scale is not going to happen any time soon because the findings from the experiment indicate that time reversal in nature is unlikely because it is too complex. Nevertheless, seeing how science has evolved over the years, with a prime example being that of the evolution of quantum physics, we should not put it past scientists to eventually come out with an apparatus that can reverse time.