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TikTok Is In Talk With Indian Govt; Likely To Make A Comeback


Amidst all the recent developments between India and China, the Government of India has banned a total of 59 apps, including some of the most used titles like TikTok, Helo, and Shareit. Some of these apps have already disappeared from the Apple App store and now TikTok has released a statement regarding the same.

According to the blocking, this is an interim order (temporary) and TikTok is currently in compliance with the order. The company will soon meet government stakeholders and to respond and submit clarifications related to this development.

TikTok claims that it complies with all the security and data privacy requirements of the Indian govt and also claims that it has not shared or any information of the Indian users to a foreign body, including the Chinese govt. And even in the future, the app claims to maintain the same decorum, while giving the highest importance to user privacy and integrity.

According to the head of TikTok India, Nikhil Gandhi -- the app has democratized the internet with hundreds of million users including artists, educators, performers, and many of them are actually depending on TikTok for their livelihood.

It Might Also Affect Thousands Of Employees

If TikTok creators are affected in a way, there are thousands of flatform moderators who are likely to lose their jobs, and it could be a tough thing to handle, especially with the COVID-19 outbreak in India. Even though the ban could affect the parent company ByteDance, thousands of Indians will also get affected due to this app ban.

Do note that, the app is still working fine in India. However, users will not be able to download it from the Apple App Store. At the time of writing this story, the app was still present on the Google Play Store, allowing the users to download it without any issue.

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