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Thomas Drew / 1AND1 Life

Brand Voice
·2-min read

The world is in a strange place. Across the board our mental health is suffering. According to an advisory report, over 40% of those surveyed said they have experienced mental or behavioral health conditions related to the coronavirus epidemic. Overall, 25.5% of respondents said they had experienced symptoms of anxiety disorder and 24.3% said they had experienced symptoms of depression.

Mental health has been a perpetual taboo in the Black community, even though Black adults are 20% more likely to experience serious health problems. This, coupled with the coronavirus pandemic revealing deep-seated inequalities in health care for communities of color (data from the CDC shows that in COVID-19 cases where race was specified, Blacks, who compromise 13 percent of the total U.S. population make up 30 percent of COVID-19 cases), has created a dire need for Black opinion leaders in the wellness and mental health space.

Thomas Drew, most known as T Drew, is a Columbia University graduate and cofounder of the digital wellness and lifestyle brand, 1AND1 Life. The platform provides readers with the latest wellness content and reviews on products vetted by experts in the health space. There are seven dimensions of wellness that live on 1AND1 Life’s site: Emotional, Spiritual, Physical, Intellectual, Environmental, Social and Financial. Out of these seven dimensions four are specifically geared toward mental health.

Thomas Drew is a Black man that has been very open about his own mental health journey. A Black man discussing the importance of mental health is refreshing. There is a negative stigma behind suffering from mental health issues, especially in the Black community. While other races have moved to understand that mental health is just as important as physical health, the Black community has remained stagnant. Drew hopes to make these conversations commonplace by sharing his story and amplifying the stories of others through his company’s content.

Along with his business partner Corey Lewis, T Drew has used his passion for mental health to grow the 1AND1 Life Community. Today, the brand has grown to have over 46,000 followers on their main Instagram account (@1and1life) and almost 7,000 followers on their mental health podcast Instagram account (@1and1otc.) The mental health podcast titled Off The Cuff with Danny LoPriore, Presented by 1AND1 Life, has generated almost 6,000 YouTube subscribers in its first week. In addition, Drew and the 1AND1 Life team are releasing their first two natural supplements titled 1AND1 Burn and 1AND1 Shield this week.

“I’m very proud of our digital, physical and media product,” T Drew said, “our platform and community as well.”

Thomas Drew created a digestible space for young people to educate themselves on mental health. From smoothie recipes and inspiring quotes to certified trainers and doctors giving advice, the platform is truly one of a kind.

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