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Just how heavy is Mukesh Ambani's security cover? Check it out

·2-min read

When you are the richest man not only in your own country but also in all of Asia, the assumption is that you are one of the most heavily guarded individuals.

Yet, all the wealth in the world isn't enough to intimidate anti-social elements.

Indian billionaire and Chairman & Managing Director of Reliance Industries Ltd, Mukesh Ambani, recently received a letter threatening to wipe out his entire family. An SUV, with 20 gelatin sticks was found near 'Antilia', the multi-storey Ambani home, on February 25 evening. A letter found inside the SUV threatened Ambani and his family.

While the matter is obviously under investigation and any activity remotely unusual around the billionaire and his family is under close scrutiny, here's a look at the extent of security the Ambanis have:

One of the few privileged individuals in the country with Z+Category security

  • Z+ category is a security detail of 55 personnel, including 10+ NSG commandos and police personnel.

  • The Z+ level of security is provided by National Security Guard commandos. They are armed with Heckler & Koch MP5 sub-machine guns and modern communication equipment, and each member of the team is adept in martial arts and unarmed combat skills.

  • Currently 17 VIPs are provided with such protection.

  • The Z category entails protection by the Delhi police or the ITBP or CRPF personnel and one escort car.

  • Mukesh Ambani pays a whopping Rs 15-16 lakh/month for these services. Apart from bearing this cost for the services, Ambani must also provide barracks for the security guards which include living quarters, functional kitchens and toilets.

  • Apart from the Z+ security, several other private agencies are also deployed to safeguard the Ambani family's members.

Fully loaded luxury cars with maximum protection

Mukesh Ambani's security convoy is decked with Range Rovers and Mercedes cars. Earlier this year, he added a range of white Mercedes AMG G63 cars to his security fleet. These cars guard his bulletproof BMW, which is Ambani’s preferred ride.

Security upgrade

In the year 2013, Ambani was given Jade security which was upgraded to Z+ by the Narendra Modi government. When Ambani is within Maharashtra, the entire security cordon moves along with him. 

Some commandos accompany them when they go out of the state or the country, and the rest of the security arrangements are made by the state he is visiting.


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