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Peek into Virat Kohli's garage: Skipper Kohli's car collection

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From Land Rover to Audi and more, here are the cars Virat Kohli has

Virat Kohli
Wikipedia/Under Creative Commons License

Virat Kohli has been on a break since IPL 2020 was suspended following players testing positive in the bubble that the organisers had created. While we still await word on whether India’s biggest sporting franchise will ever return this year, cricketers have returned to their respective homes and families. Kohli too has since been at home and, along with his wife, actor Anushka Sharma, has helped raise nearly 12 crore for COVID relief.

With a net worth of $23 million, Virat Kohli is among just three Indian cricketers who enjoy BCCI’s A+ contract. This contract guarantees Kohli an annual salary of $1 million. But that’s just a part of his income. With over 207 million followers across the three social media platforms – Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram – Kohli is a one-man digital powerhouse presiding over a massive army of followers that would get brands drooling. Unsurprisingly this fame, aside of course from the one he’s earned on the field itself, helps him make more than $20 million through brand endorsement. Among those that he promotes are Puma, Valvoline, MRF, Hero, and the car brand, Audi.

What cars does Virat Kohli have?

Cars are one of Kohli’s pet passions, and the massive flat in a posh central Mumbai neighbourhood that he shares with Anushka Sharma allows him to park at least half a dozen of them. Of course Virat Kohli also has a few cars stashed in Delhi where his family lives. Here are some of the cars the Indian cricket captain has been seen driving:

Audi RS5

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As a brand ambassador for Audi, Virat Kohli managed to land this beauty as part of his deal with the German auto maker. The Audi RS5 comes at a steep price of over a crore (and then some in taxes etc) and is a track-oriented coupé that’s been assembled in India. As it happened, Virat Kohli landed the first R5 to have been assembled here. It’s unique, just by that account.

Audi R8 v10 LM

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The great part about endorsing a car brand is the set of wheels that they keep giving you as part of their contract. For instance, while Kohli may have been happily driving around in his Audi R8, the manufacturer sent him an update. The one he landed was the Audi R8 LMX, a limited edition car that has just 99 models on the planet. This limited edition beast is a 4WD with a seven-speed dual clutch transmission.

Audi Q7

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Virat Kohli owned this one long before he became the brand ambassador for Audi. It is completely perceivable that Audi may have spotted him in their Q7 and saw him as a great fit and signed him on. In any case, the Audi Q7 remains an entry-level car priced at a relatively humble Rs 73 lakh ex-showroom.

Land Rover Vogue

If there’s something that Virat Kohli’s choice of the Q7 reveals it’s his leaning towards SUVs – remember, this was the one he bought for himself, not the one that he landed as part of his contract with Audi. Which is why it makes complete sense that his garage would also have a Land Rover. Incidentally, both Kohli and Anushka Sharma own the exact same model: Land Rover Vogue.

Bentley Continental GT

Nothing spells royalty like a Bentley. Like it or not, Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma are Cricket and Bollywood royalty and certainly that deserves a Bentley in the garage, no? Kohli purchased the Bentley Continental GT in 2018 under his brother Vikas’ name, even though his own name has been listed as a co-owner. This piece of God’s own heaven smelted into a car makes you feel like you’re flying just a couple of inches above this earth and costs about as much as a house. The Bentley Continental GT is the car that Kohli tends to get into when he’s in Delhi.

Renault Duster

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Last, but not the least, the Renault Duster may not be as exclusive as some of the other cars in his garage, but we’d like to think that it’s a special one for Virat Kohli. He’s owned the Duster since 2012 when he won the Man of the Series in that year’s IPL. As part of the reward for having played a fantastic tournament for the Royal Challengers Bangalore, the team he represented then, was this shiny vehicle.

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