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After testing cloud kitchens, Oyo to now launch coffee chain The French Press

Sindhu Kashyap ( )

A few months back, Oyo tested the world of foodtech with its cloud kitchens and offerings on Zomato - As Adraq by Oyo and O'Biryani by Oyo.

Now, the startup is set to launch its own coffee chain The French Press, confirm sources close to the matter. The startup is set to open one outlet in Delhi and Bengaluru, and will open a few more soon.

Following a franchise model, Oyo's The French Press, will be collaborating with a coffee chain. The team is yet to confirm which chain that will be. For a few months now, the company has been operating these kitchens and chains at its Townhouse properties, a few with some partners.

One of The French Press Cafe's is already open in Delhi at a Townhouse property, and is also listed on Zomato. The food is priced between Rs 150 and Rs 250.

Ritesh Agarwal

An Oyo spokesperson said - "As the largest hotel chain in India, operating franchised and lease assets, we do have an active play in the F&B business, with an average of about 25 percent of our revenue coming through the kitchens we operate in some of our hotels. Hence, culinary design and good food experience are valuable to us. We have nothing further to announce at the moment.”

Speaking of these experiments, sources close to the matter told YourStory that OYO's Biryani was a pilot focussed on utilising its existing kitchen space. 

They added, “The idea is to make use of the existing staff and space, and just experiment. We are currently just piloting the service in a few places. It is for delivery only on the menu that we already have and make at our hotels. These are kitchens that are fully operated by us.” 

With OYO possibly betting big on F&B, it will be interesting to see how the company's future pans out.

(Edited by Saheli Sen Gupta)