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Tesla Model S Jumps Into A River — Driver Claims Electric Super Sedan Accelerated On Its Own

Dennis James

A driver of Tesla Model S in China that plunged into a lake claims that his electric car accelerated into a river as he arrived at a Supercharger station in the Qingpu district of Shanghai.

The driver claims that as he pulled into the charging station, his Model S accelerated on its own, causing him to lose control over the car. The driver stated that the Model S then smashed through a fence before finally coming to a stop in the river.

The Fence seen in the video above seems to be quite delicate and wouldn't have stood a chance against a two-tonne car like the Model S. All passengers inside the electric car survived the crash and appeared to be quite okay, considering they had enough time to take selfies on top of the drowning car. The same cannot be said about the car itself. While the battery pack and motors are sealed shut, the rest of the car could end up being a total write off.

Who foots the bill will be determined by what actually happened. While the driver claims it was unintended acceleration on the part of the car, Tesla is currently investigating the incident and should be able to come out with the real reason behind the crash through its monitoring setup. Unintended acceleration has been blamed for many a Tesla crash, however, many have turned out to be cases of human error, where the driver has confused the accelerator and brake pedals and paid the price for the instant torque delivery from the electric motors.

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