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Tesla Model 3 Automatic Emergency Braking Prevents Yet Another Horrific Accident – Watch Video

Autonomous Technology is here and you can’t ignore it! But contrary to the people’s belief that it will take over the controls from human, and interfere with regular driving functions, most of the manufacturers are using autonomous tech to enhance the road safety. Case in point, the Tesla Autopilot, which has saved human lives in the past, and has done it again.

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Tesla Autopilot is one technology that has drawn equal flak and love from buyers of Tesla vehicles, be it the Tesla Model S or Tesla Model X or the recently introduced Model 3 sedan. One such Autopilot technology is Automatic Emergency Braking that takes control over the human driver after sensing a possibility of an accident, and has saved yet another life overriding the human intervention.

The video posted online is recorded on a dashcam of an unknown car following a Tesla Model 3. One can see the Model 3 standing at an intersection, waiting for the traffic light to turn green. The light changed and the Model 3 moved a bit further when a high-speed black sedan came running from nowhere, crashing in the couple of vehicles including a white truck.

However, the Model 3 remained unharmed all thanks to the Emergency Braking. Why we are so sure is because there’s no way the Tesla driver could have noticed the incoming car and reacted immediately. It’s the Tesla’s Autopilot that activated the automatic emergency braking system to bring the car to a quick halt.

All Teslas, including the Model S and Model X, are fitted with this feature and this isn’t the first time we’ve witnessed Teslas avoid crashes.