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Lesson for WhatsApp? Telegram now lets users send ’silent messages’

FE Online

Telegram’s latest update has brought various new features on board. The update is designed to get peace of mind for its users. Silent messages is a part of the latest update on the Telegram app that allows users to send messages without making any sound. The app has also introduced ‘Slow Mode’ which allows group admins to set a time limit on the group members to avoid spamming. The messaging app in a blog post said that "this update brings more peace of mind."

Telegram in the blog post further added that "You can now message friends freely when you know they are sleeping, studying or attending a meeting. Simply hold the Send button to have any message or media delivered without sound." In the Slow mode update, the group admin has the authority to decide as to how long all group members have to wait before they can send their next message.

The admin will have the option from 30 seconds to one hour and Telegram says that this feature will help users in having conversations in a more orderly manner. Telegram is also giving group admins the option to assign titles to group members. The option will be available in group settings.

In addition to this, the app will have new animated emojis along with the movement to emojis like heart, flushed face and many more available on the popular messaging platform. Telegram is often the one which comes up with the latest features which are copied by other apps.

Telegram’s latest updates will be available for users soon around the world. Although, it is expected the update might reach differently for Android and iOS users.