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Ted Cruz accused of ‘mansplaining’ during Senate Judiciary hearing

·2-min read
Texas senator Ted Cruz (Getty Images)
Texas senator Ted Cruz (Getty Images)

Ted Cruz was accused of “mansplaining” during a Senate Judiciary Committee after he was cut-off by Jon Ossoff during an argument about “orginialism” in the courts.

Mr Cruz told Mr Ossoff, a Georgia Democrat who was chairing the committee for the first time, that “generally we don’t have the chairman trying to jump in 30 seconds in”, after he was told his time was finished.

Mr Ossoff, after calling for order between Mr Cruz and Democrats on the committee, allowed a point of privilege to Mazie Hirono, a Hawaii Democrat, because the Texas senator had referenced her beforehand.

“She doesn’t want judges who will follow the original understanding of the Constitution,” said Mr Cruz of the Democrat. “Is it right that you don’t intend to follow the original understanding of the Constitution?”

Ms Hirono, using her point of privilege, told the committee that Mr Cruz had “mischaracterised” her comments about originalism in the courts, and accused him of “mansplaining” to her, the New York Post reported.

“I would request that my colleague, Sen Cruz, not misstate what I’m saying. You know what, all this mansplaining, please stop,” said the Democratic senator of Mr Cruz.

He immediately rebuked Mr Ossoff for cutting him off again, and told the committee: “I’m asking her to explain what was mischaracterised. You’re welcome to explain what was mischaracterised.”

Replying to Mr Cruz, Ms Hirono said: “The thing with my colleague is, he always has to get the last word and that is a fact.”

On Twitter, dozens of critics offered their opinion on the mansplaining incident.

“I'm sorry but, Ted Cruz would have to actually be considered a man before he can 'mansplain'!,” wrote one.

A critic also argued: “A real man would never allow someone to publicly disparage their father and wife”, in reference to Donald Trump’s former attacks on Mr Cruz in 2016. “I implore ANYONE to ask Ted Cruz how he feels about Donald Trump TODAY”.

“Cruz needs to stop mansplaining,” tweeted another, who was among those celebrating the Democrat. “Sen Hirono is amazing.”

“Senator Hirono calling out Ted Cruz’s insufferable mansplaining is the only good thing that has happened in any branch of the federal government today”, agreed another critic of Mr Cruz.

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