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Tech talk: Match made in heaven

Technology not only helps people to connect and stay in touch but at times it acts as cupid too. Today’s digital natives like to have things in a planned and personalised manner, including their wedding.

Though planning a wedding depends on factors like country, religion, culture and more, technology is the only factor that remains constant throughout. Right from communicating with your partner, finding the perfect invitation card to zeroing in on the venue, managing the budget and deadlines, it plays the role of a silent and a thankless supporter efficiently.

As per recent research, more than one-third of couples prefer a technology-friendly wedding, to make it a memorable one. So, here we’ve listed a few trends that can help you make your D-day even more special:

360-degree videos: Getting a wedding video done is so old school. Add a new dimension to this most memorable moment of life with a 360-degree video. Imagine the magical feeling of reliving those moments and being there once again, albeit virtually, thanks to an immersive video. Priceless isn’t it.

Also, a lot of wedding planners offer you a 360-degree preview of the décor, so that you can plan it to perfection. Similarly, you can try your wedding dress as well.

Action camera: Ask your photographer to set up multiple action cameras at the venue and probably let the bride and groom carry one each. This will get you some candid shots and the footage from the bride and grooms’ point of view will make an interesting video story that can be enjoyed for the rest of their life.


Drones: Arial photography during weddings isn’t exactly a new idea. It is indeed the best way to capture the best and incredible shots that otherwise would not have been possible. However, drones can be used in many interesting ways. Since most of the weddings in India happen during late evenings, using an array of drones to put up an LED show, up in the night sky would be nothing less than spectacular. You can get 3D projections, images of the couple and more using multiple drones.

Smart wearable gadgets: How about replacing those shiny metal rings with smart wearable rings that help you track your health better, after all, health his wealth, isn’t it? Designed for 24/7 use, these new wearable rings can help track your sleep cycle, heart-beat, measure fitness activities, make payments and more. Think of them as a fitness tracker with or without a display but is hypo-allergic and with simple and subtle design.

Smart wearable gadgets
Smart wearable gadgets

3D Print: Using personalised 3D printed invitation, souvenirs and décor items is again a great hack to give a personal touch to the wedding. Be it 3D printed figurines of the couple or a customised message to guests, decorative pieces and many other items can be custom created without much fuss. And since the 3D printer isn't a common gadget yet, your wedding could definitely end up as an event to remember.

Hashtags: The wedding function will have more than a few Instagram worthy pictures, candid, groupfies, selfies and many more. Create a quirky yet easy to remember hashtag and you’re good to go. Since most of your friends and family members are already on social media, this will let people across the globe become a part of the celebrations. Another way to get people to click a lot of selfies is by leaving selfie sticks all over the place. A live feed wall can show how people across different platforms are reacting to those images.

Photo booths: To add a bit more fun to the Hashtag game, install multiple selfie booths or photo stations with different props and let people unleash their creativity. Don’t forget to put subtle reminders of your special hashtag. You can also have an instant photo printer for people to carry memories of your wedding back with them

Live stream: Though not the most unique trend, but keeping separate live streaming sessions for different functions is always helpful. You can ensure that the friends and family members who could make it to the wedding, do not miss out on the most important moments of your life.

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