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Tata Harrier SUV- Should you wait for it?

by Somnath Chatterjee

Remember this year’s Auto Expo? One of its ‘stars’ was the Tata H5X concept. Well, that concept now has a name, ‘Harrier’, and the new model is set to hit Indian roads in early 2019. So what is the Harrier all about?


The latest automobile from the house of Tata is an above-4m SUV that will rival the likes of the Jeep Compass and Hyundai Creta. Harrier is to be the flagship product of the Tata group and is to be slotted above the Hexa. So much so, that Tata have put their all behind it.

Here’s what’s special about the Harrier.


It is a five-seater SUV with an aggressive design language sporting the new IMPACT 2.0 philosophy. This means sharp headlamps, massive wheel-arches and big wheels, along with a racy, crossover design. Like most modern SUVs, the Harrier is a monocoque model and is based on Tata’s Omega platform, which in turn was developed from Land Rover’s D8 architecture.

The Harrier is also expected to share its dimensions with the Land Rover. Inside too, it is expected to be unlike any other Tata Motors car, with Land Rover-like practicality. Features that would make the Harrier the Tata’s most luxurious car so far include a sunroof, climate control, rear ac vents and more.

In terms of engines, the Harrier is to get a diesel with manual and automatic plus variants, as well as a 4WD system. Just like in the Hexa, different driving modes are also expected. The Harrier is expected to be launched in early 2019.