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Taking people towards a more positive and successful journey as a PR entrepreneur and social media specialist is Barbara Lizzet Sanchez

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The influential PR expert has worked with almost all the big celebrities of the world and has helped them reach greater heights through her expertise in PR.

It is always very surreal to know about people who go ahead and make a career of their choice on their own, self-teaching themselves and learning all the nitty-gritty of the field through the varied experiences they encounter throughout their respective journeys. It is also evident how businesses, people, artists, entrepreneurs and individuals have chosen the path of PR and also leveraging social media platforms to reach more audiences and increase their presence and prominence. For this, they need experts and professionals who could become their partner of growth and success. This is when powerful women entrepreneurs, PR professionals and publicists like Barbara Lizzet Sanchez enter the picture. In her 14-year long career, this talented lady has been working each passing day and giving it her all with each of her projects.

Barbara Lizzet Sanchez was born and brought up in Mexico City and at the naive age of only 15, moved to the US. Although there was a language barrier for little Barbara, she chose to learn English and within six months got well-versed with the same. Earning her Associates’ degree in Paralegal Studies at Oxnard College, rather than spending her life in an ordinary job structure, she chose to become an entrepreneur and hence, in the year 2006, she jumped into the PR world and became a publicist.

The journey from here for Barbara Lizzet Sanchez was not a walk in the park. She attended multiple events every day, made those valuable contacts and tried to make her presence felt in the industry by joining hands with her contemporaries to share media contacts and increased her network. Today, as a high-performing PR professional and entrepreneur, Barbara Lizzet Sanchez has worked with a long list of celebrities. Some of the names include Bella Thorne, Carlos Ramzey Ramirez, T-Boz (from the multi-platinum group TLC), Hana Giraldo, Chris Massey, Damion “Damizza” Young, Xzibit and so many others.

Apart from this, she along with her business partner Patricia Torres handle the in-house public relations for Bobby Dee Presents and Uncle Snoop’s Army. This is a prominent booking agency that was created by the CEO and booking agent, Bobby Dee of Bobby Dee Presents and the iconic Snoop Dogg. Barbara Lizzet Sanchez’s expertise to provide the desired results to all her clients by giving them the image they need and the presence they crave for is something that is looked up to by many other rising PR professionals and publicists.

She is the one who very successfully put together the press conference for Snoop Dogg’s “I want to thank Me” tour and also did publicity for superstar T Boz’s from TLC sickle cell benefit concerts. Also, looking at the surge in the growth of social media platforms, Barbara Lizzet Sanchez began working towards organically developing and growing her clients’ social media accounts. In fact, she was one of the first professionals in PR to make use of modern technology to her and her client’s advantage. She has even turned into an influencer across online mediums, using her followings for gaining more publicity for brands and gives her valuable recommendations on niches like fitness, fashion and tech.

Barbara Lizzet Sanchez has also been the one behind many prominent red carpets, fashion shows and special events in Hollywood’s famous most venues. Over the years, her clientele has multiplied with several international clients as well. Her successful journey also made her appear on multiple TV shows and documentaries so far. With being a publicist, she is also a social activist and has been a member of foundations like Bella Foundation, The UFW, supporter of The Dolores Huerta Foundation and a founding member of the organization Bad Ass DoGooders.

Indeed, there is nothing a woman can’t do and Barbara Lizzet Sanchez is a perfect example of such a talented and passionate woman entrepreneur. Follow her on Instagram @barbarasanchezpr to know more.

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