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Taking the E-Learning Educational Industry by Storm Is ‘VolumeX’, by Its Modern Training Tools and Education in the Financial Markets

·4-min read

The educational academy has grown to be one of the most sought-after training portals to achieve success in the online marketing world.

Knowing that the industries around us are growing at an exponential rate due to various technological advancements that the digital era has brought with it, it has become imperative for many aspiring entrepreneurs to make use of this digital wave and move ahead in their journey to achieve maximum success in the online marketing world. The world of crypto trading is one where exponential growth has been seen because the industry gives remote earning opportunities. The industry has also seen a rise because it is all about virtual money, only that people must know when to buy and sell for earning maximum profits; hence, it is also similar to other online trading like stocks, commodities or currencies trading, just that with crypto trading, people get the chance of earning faster and higher profits. Two of the companies that have really proved their mettle as educational platforms in the industry are one - 'NewsCrypto', considered to be the most advanced online learning crypto platform. Their courses are well explained and detailed. The second is 'Udemy', which has also gone ahead in the industry with its one of a kind training material and content. Their training videos in cryptocurrency hold tremendous value in the market. The financial world is swiftly moving ahead, people need professionals to help them in carving their journey into the same and this is where VolumeX comes into the picture. Founded by Momo Karasu, Andreas Vezonik and Nicky Taschew, VolumeX initially was developed to make their presence felt in the entire European markets, but looking at the growth they have achieved in the last three years, the firm which was only a startup rapidly grew to be a global blockchain brand, disrupting the innovational fields for the better across the globe with its modern technology.

Talking about VolumeX, let us ask the CEO, Vezonik how it stands apart from others in the industry?

"Its consistent innovations and adaptability to newer technologies have made our brand grow from scratch to something that has become a global blockchain brand. It is on the cutting edge of technology, where it has completely redesigned and reshaped the affiliate system and products in the online marketing world. We have grown to be a community of more than thousands of loyal community members where we have transformed the lives of many through redefining the Fin-tech educational space in the world with offerings of our robust services, training tools, useful content and resources, giving people more financial stability so that they can build their businesses."

What different products do you offer to your community members?

"To provide an advanced education system, we offer our students with products and educational tools, offering simple usability and something that can help in turning them into successful entrepreneurs. We offer 100 hours of pure content that includes all important aspects of the financial markets, leading people to achieve success. The content will also get translated to English and many other languages so that the academy can be placed on the global map, the works for which would soon start in September 2020. All of us founders, along with our affiliate partners, coach many budding and existing traders to get nearer to achieve their goals and visions."

How can the many aspiring potential affiliates get partnered with you people?

Nicky Taschew, The Chief Marketing Advisor, highlighted that "Potential affiliates can partner up with us by registering to our website and getting access to our professional back office, which includes a full financial overview, live sessions, and many other features. We, as founders are also looking forward to expanding our business globally and looking for new leaders willing to work along with us, helping people earn an extra income. We have always encouraged people to use the power of social media and focus on the business perspective as a creator, where ideas and plans can be expanded and shared, helping them to connect with many."

What are the future plans for the company?

Momo Karasu, Head of the team, says, "Our trading team is also ready for the many new market opportunities to be explored. Using the most contemporary methods, we improve our products and learn about the performance of the charts through the current challenging political and economic scenario. Our goal is not only about increasing the customer accounts but is driven by a global mission, securing the money by turning it into assets and save the worth of the amount."

Where do you see the growth of the company in the near future?

By 2022, VolumeX aims to reach 100.000 customers, offering the safest and the most lucrative crypto marketplaces, teaching people the art of trading with them having full control over their money through our expert's support and innovative training system, says Vezonik. We are putting efforts not just to add value by buying assets or consulting them in making investments, but showing people the right path to create an income source without many risks.

Looking at the consistent growth of the e-learning portals in trading across the world, it won't be surprising to know the rise of many other individuals setting foot into the same and emerging as profit-making people.

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