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Synergy with Succession: KSP INC

·3-min read

“The Company is now gearing up to welcome Mr Siddhant, son of Mr Puneet Bery-Founder” The secret for success lies in the harmonious blend of conventional experience and technological advancements. Popular companies have achieved this goal by infusing the knowledge of the founders and the innovativeness of the second-generation. KSP INC, the popular manufacturing and Export Company of metal fabricated products, has artistically implemented this system in their organization. The company credits its progression to Mr Puneet Bery, a visionary and idealist. He is instrumental in redefining the product profile of the brand. He is a forward thinker who ideologies aided the brand to partner with global companies. The company which was initially into production and sales of diesel engine crankshafts is currently focussing on various unique products inclusive of bird feeders, lawn and garden décor, indoor and outdoor furniture, home storage products, home and office organisation tools, fireplace tools & accessories, etc . The team under the able guidance of Mr Puneet understand the expectations of the consumer market. They check the feasibility of the process and initiate the system to garner national and international clientele. Today, the company has risen to the position of a reliable partner to Walmart, Lowes, Home Depot, Tesco, Staples, Ikea, Sainsbury, Tractor Supply, Joane’s, B & Q and Target. The organization operates from four operational units spread across 150,000 sq ft which include Administration, Manufacturing, Finishing and Packaging.

His innate passion for advancement and innovation has helped him to contribute to his growth. KSP INC is now gearing up to welcome Mr Siddhant, son of Mr Puneet Bery. Like his father, the team looks up to Mr Siddhant vision and ethos to uplift the company to the next level. An accounting and finance graduate by qualification, he has a unique and dedicated path to success. He prefers to work with a bottom-up model rather than directly becoming a part of the management team. He yearns to learn more about the business and the team from the grassroots level. His experience in the global investment banking space empowers him to implement effective strategies in the family business. He graduated with honors from Cardiff University and further pursued his CFA charter. He started his career with leading companies as an quantitative analyst. This position enabled him to develop a profound knowledge about the organizations. He focussed on various methodologies to enhance the overall productivity of the process. He spent adequate time in all units of KSP INC to comprehend their production and supply chain. This allowed him to identify critical problems and initiate corrective actions. His knowledge and proficiency in Operational efficiency and and Profitability have been extremely beneficial to the company. He believes that all avenues of an organization should function in a streamlined and systematic manner to garner maximum outcomes. He works closely with the OPEX team to add value to the bottom line of the company by heavily concentrating on a cross functional strategy to elevate the EBITDA.

Along with his father, he works diligently to make KSP one of the leanest manufacturing export companies. They focus on innovation and inventiveness to design and deliver effective solutions. Growing up in a progressive household, we have had the opportunity to understand the nuances of the company. He respects the vision and tradition of the founders and works in synchrony with their methodologies.

One of the primary challenges faced by second-generation entrepreneurs is the clash of ideologies. However, KSP INC has identified the secret of communicating their concepts and choosing the best course of actions. They always consider the welfare of the employees as the top priority. This enables them to handle any situation from a futuristic perspective. They strive with a dedication to provide maximum benefits to all stakeholders. Large organization are built through years of service excellence and innovation. The role of the second-generation is critical in implementing and achieving this dream. The growth of this partnership is reflected in the progression of the company.