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Swiggy management to be jailed if delivery personnel hurt in accident, says Bengaluru top cop

Sandeep Soni

Bengaluru's police commissioner Bhaskar Rao on Tuesday warned food delivery company Swiggy for alleged violation of traffic rules by its delivery personnel calling them the "biggest violators". The city’s top cop also warned the company's management will be responsible if its delivery people are found sustaining injuries in road accidents. "Mr Swiggy Cares, you are the biggest violators and have the temerity to tell me that you adhere to rules, your boys beg cops to let them go as you penalize them, next time a Swiggy kid bleeds on road, be sure, you management will be behind bars," Bhaskar Rao tweeted in response to chain of tweets involving Swiggy.

Comments from Rao’s office will be updated as and when received.

The tweet was in response to Swiggy's customer support team who replied to a tweet by a Twitter user who claimed to see Swiggy and Zomato delivery boys "jumping signals, overtaking vehicles, overspending and riding rash to make sure they deliver on time." Swiggy's customer support team had replied that the company "do not condone traffic violations of any nature."

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The chain of tweets began with Rao's tweet on Tuesday morning stressing on the alleged 30-minute time window in which the delivery personnel are supposed to deliver orders to customers from the time the ordered was placed. This, said Rao, leads to delivery 'kids' break traffic rules and risk their lives. "Do we have the heart to get a free pizza from a kid who is risking his life just because he crossed over 30 mns. Am seriously considering asking Pizza companies to make it 40 mns as these kids risk their lives by breaking all Traffic rules," Rao tweeted.

However, Swiggy denied any 30-minute delivery clause for its delivery partners. In an official statement, Swiggy spokesperson said "We actively promote the adherence of traffic rules amongst our delivery partners and do not rate or penalize them for late deliveries. Delivery partners are consistently sensitised on safe riding practices, safety gear and parking etiquette. We also initiate necessary action against those found guilty of violating traffic rules including termination of services."

Angel investor, entrepreneur and prominent voice in the startup ecosystem Ravi Gururaj tweeted in his reply to Rao that incentives should depend on time taken to deliver order when it is ready instead of when it is placed. "Time to deliver for incentives and penalties should count from time package is ready at restaurant NOT when the order was submitted AND must be proportional to distance of delivery location from pickup restaurant. Otherwise hold restaurant negligent!"