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SunBless Thermo-Reflective Coating

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SunBless Thermo-Reflective Coating
SunBless Thermo-Reflective Coating

New Delhi [India], Aug 14 (ANI/Mediawire): The depth and breadth of India has varied weather conditions in different parts of country posing challenges that are very specific to that area.
Whether it's salty weather near sea, chilly winter at hilly region, hottest summer at deserts or heavy rainfall at high catchment areas, buildings situated in all these areas are prone to cracks, leakages and the environment within these buildings also becomes unbearable in extreme weather conditions.
SunBless, the powerful Japanese innovation is now all poised to empower all infrastructural assets like industries, residential buildings, government public buildings, railway and bus stations, malls, educational institutions, commercial buildings by helping them not only to get rid of their perennial cracks and leakage problems but also enabling them to garner huge energy savings and also substantial monetary savings.
SunBless has been developed after years of advanced research by team of Japanese scientists Muroi and Nakajima who have done dedicated research to develop beads technology based unique thermo-reflective coating. Setting up its own benchmark, it consists of specially developed compounds to comply with the best possible quality standards for protection of infrastructure and buildings,
Sudesh Rokade, technologists with over 25 years of working experience in Japan perfectly assessed the immense utility of SunBless for diverse industries in India and brought this cost effective solution of SunBless to India through his business conglomerate Arhan Group having its base in Pune, India and Nagoya, Japan.
Nakajima, and Rokade together confirmed required specifications that will address multiple issues faced by Infrastructures in India economically and help the Indian society at a large. The team of professional technocrats at Arhan Group through their customer centric approach assure reliable and responsive support for industries, corporates across India.
SunBless, the thermo-reflective coating has an innovative material as an ingredient, which provides highest level of sunlight reflecting properties of 92.7 per cent. SunBless's Nano-technology - the hollow bead film technology helps to provide the best film insulation properties, along with a Thermos-like effect.
SunBless ensures 30-40 per cent reduction in surface temperature which translates into 40-90 per cent reduction of electricity consumption for air-conditioning and thus contributing towards drastic reduction in carbon footprint and easing out the threat of global warming.
SunBless, a zero VOC, water based acrylic emulsion coating also contains an innovative antifreeze element, which enables the coating to maintain its thermal insulation properties below freezing temperature. The product shows its best performance from -40 degrees celsius to +140 degrees celsius.
SunBless is rigorously tested for its performance in places like Mongolia and hence it will be quite useful in India's Siachen, Ladakh, and Himalayan region to Rajasthan's hot desert areas.
SunBless also has inherent preservative made up of special characteristic proprietary formula, which protects the applied surface from deterioration.
SunBless also contains a unique newly developed acrylic emulsion resin, which imparts an excellent water proofing and elastic property to the coating. It has 250 per cent higher elasticity and four times the adhesiveness than JIS standard.
SunBless has a unique and unprecedented properties that extend Protection from wall and roof cracks, leakages and seepages, mold and mildew resistance, moisture resistance, resistance from UV light and color fade, chemical corrosion, and sea wind corrosion. It also offers Relief from roof-top noise during heavy downpour.
SunBless is extremely useful for application in Cold-storage and vehicles, containers carrying perishable goods, vegetables, milk, chemicals, Oil & Gas. The case study in Japan shows the temperature inside the Containers reduce from 9 to 14 degrees celsius, saving huge amount of goods during transportation.
A single stroke of SunBless coating leads to improved health of buildings, stronger financial wealth of organization and reduced threat to the mother earth.
For more details visit
SunBless All-In-One Solution
* Thermos Insulation Effect: Cool in Summer, Warm in Winter
* Protection from Water Leakage and Seepage
* Relief from Wall and Ceiling Mould
* Protects buildings from heating effect
* Protects from Salt-water Corrosion near coastal belt
* Relief from Roof-top noise during heavy downpour
* Promotes energy savings
* Reduces Global warming
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