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Story of a Young Entrepreneur, Nishaan Singh

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The Era Of Young Entrepreneurs

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“A laptop, an internet connection, and relentless willingness to work hard is enough to achieve a lucrative career in the stock market.”
- Nishaan Singh

Nishaan Singh is a Hedge Fund Manager, a Stock Market Trainer, and a Multi-Asset Trader. He went to Modern School Barakhamba road, Delhi. Having started at a specially young age of 15, he is now schooling fresh talents in the fundamentals of stock market.

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In the early days of his stock market journey, he made terrible mistakes and thus failed miserably. Despite the losses, rejections, failures, he kept his spirits high and moved forward. As a novice trader, he immersed himself in analysing data, reading charts and articles, scrutinizing balance sheets, to understand the functioning of the market. His aptitude for stock markets soon gave him a gateway to a glorious career in the stock market.

Now, he operates his own Hedge Fund & an Investment Advisory and a Training Firm named Sanbun Investments. Sanbun Investments is based in Naraina Vihar, New Delhi- 110028. Specialized in Consulting, Training, Mentoring and Portfolio Management, this firm has delivered significant returns over the past few years. The firm is now registered under the registrar of firms, Delhi.

The primary objectives of Sanbun Investments is to simplify the stock market concepts, to provide personal assistance, and to groom people for the inherent challenges associated with stock market.

Presently, the firm has a client base of over 3000 people all across the world. Individuals can enroll in any course on the basis of the prior knowledge they have of the stock market. The firm conducts webinars and live seminars time after time, enabling everyone to clear up their queries and doubts conveniently.

At Sanbun investments, experienced professionals provides all kinds of training.
Ranging from basic to advanced courses, Sanbun Investments offers different comprehensive courses and programs structured for different individuals, together with the seperate modules. Sanbun Investments is inclusive of people from all spheres— students, businessmen, housewives, regardless of their educational background.

Moreover, Sanbun Investments also offers monthly membership plans for advisory services that help clients to know when and what to buy or sell.

Sanbun Investments is gradually capturing a huge share in the market. Cultivating the expertise in the domain of financial markets, Nishaan Singh has also for formulated a profound strategy— “NS10.” He is also registered with the National Stock Exchange (NSE).

Despite having a tough start, Nishan Singh ultimately established himself as one of the youngest Multi-asset Traders in India. Obviously, it took him years to be consistently profitable and make money trading & investing in the markets. No matter how monumental the struggle is, passion and perseverance always win in the end. He inspires people to work hard tirelessly and passionately.

The youngster has been quite an inspiration to Indian youth, as he has managed to achieve all of this at such a young age. He is now planning and strategizing to expand his services all across the world.