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Stephanie Shojaee Chosen to Represent Rolls-Royce as a Brand Ambassador

Brand Voice
·5-min read

In a sign of the increasing importance of influencers and brand ambassadors, Rolls-Royce recently announced the selection of Stephanie Shojaee, Chief Marketing Officer of real estate development company SHOMA Group, as one of nine women chosen to serve as brand ambassadors.

With over a decade of marketing experience, Shojaee has overseen marketing and communications strategy for the SHOMA Group’s South Florida real estate portfolio since she joined the team in 2014.

At first glance, this might not seem like the resume of an online brand ambassador, but Shojaee’s active social media presence and dedication to the Rolls-Royce brand led to what will undoubtedly be an important ongoing relationship for both parties.

The Making of a Brand Ambassador

Social media has played a big role in Shojaee’s career.

“When I first joined the SHOMA Group, the company had never had much involvement in multimedia approaches,” she recalls. “We needed to reach younger generations, and I knew the way to do this was through digital marketing tools, particularly Facebook and Instagram. Once we started to emphasis digital, we saw immediate results in successfully selling to young buyers.”

To date, Shojaee’s portfolio has netted over $5 billion in completed transactions, with 10 ongoing real estate projects in South Florida. Shojaee’s penchant for social media use came naturally, as she strived to maintain an active presence on her own social media accounts.

“I have always wanted to inspire and motivate younger women to pursue greatness — to show them that we can do anything, and dress elegantly while doing it. Part of that is because I’ve always loved fashion, and feel it is a way to celebrate life. Showcasing my style through social media is part of who I am, and part of how I hope to inspire the younger generation.”

As part of her lifestyle posts, Shojaee also frequently showcased her Rolls-Royce vehicles. Along with the help of Wanthy Dimaren behind the camera, authentic, engaging posts with high-quality photography that reflected her lifestyle gained her a large personal following, with over 30,000 followers on Instagram alone. While she didn’t realize it at the time, this would play a major role in her selection as a brand ambassador.

Defining Influence

“The phone call telling me I had been selected as a Rolls-Royce brand ambassador was surreal, but exciting. I learned that they had been analyzing their female owners with an active online presence for about a year to find women who had both style and substance,” Shojaee recalls.

“The fact that they recognized me as a woman who takes risks, is fearless and unique, and who can make an elegant entrance any time she walks into a room, was a great honor.”

For Shojaee, part of the appeal of becoming a Rolls-Royce brand ambassador was that it was an authentic, natural partnership. This wasn’t a brand reaching out to an influencer who had never used its products before in the hope of making a few extra sales. It came from the relationship Shojaee had already developed with the brand on her own.

“I feel like social media is inundated with ads from influencers and models who don’t actually believe in the product they are promoting. And that’s wrong. Social media needs to show us as we really are so the younger generation doesn’t get lost in a bubble. I’ve owned Rolls-Royce vehicles for over seven years, and my feeling is that after you own one, you can’t go back to other brands. It’s a brand that is unique, chic and elegant, and truly representative of myself.”

For Rolls-Royce, the key with this and other brand ambassador selections has been finding someone who is truly passionate about its vehicles, while also being able to authentically portray their lifestyle through digital media.

Essential Takeaways for Other Brands

The data shows just how powerful brand ambassadors can be, especially among younger generations. According to Digital Marketing Institute, 49 percent of consumers use influencer recommendations as part of their purchase decisions. 70 percent of teens trust influencers — people like Shojaee — more than “traditional” celebrities.

As the example of the partnership between Rolls-Royce and Shojaee illustrates, however, not all brand-influencer relationships are created equal. By partnering with an influencer who was already sold on its brand, Rolls-Royce was able to form a partnership that will generate more authentic and lasting dividends than if it simply tried to place a well-known celebrity in a TV commercial.

Brands that work with influential customers who genuinely believe in their products can form relationships where promotional content is about more than a paycheck. Online users will see the passion for the brand come through, making the promotion far more engaging and powerful than they would be otherwise.

Planning for the Future

Shojaee is optimistic about what the future holds, both in her professional career and her new role as a brand ambassador.

“I’ve always wanted to use social media to spread positivity and help young women see that their possibilities are truly endless. Being one of the first female brand ambassadors for Rolls-Royce is just another proof of that. I think this role of brand ambassador will ultimately help me do that even more, by showing young women that the success and lifestyle they dream of isn’t out of reach if they’re willing to work for it.”

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