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Spotify India launches lightweight app for entry-level Android phones to capture wide market

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Spotify entered India in February, tapping one of the biggest potential markets to grow its user base outside the US. Despite the drawback that most of the songs are missing on its streaming platform, Spotify went ahead to commercially introduce its services. Since India is a practically a testbed for tech companies to pilot data efficient apps, Spotify is jumping on the bandwagon by launching the storage-friendly version called Spotify Lite.

Spotify Lite was originally introduced in the Philippines, Brazil, Mexico, and Malaysia where low-end Android phones are common. India is one of the biggest markets where entry-level Android phones constitute a large portion of smartphones. The company is piloting with the Spotify Lite Beta app that is now available to download from Google Play store. It s 11MB in size and comes with support for offline downloading. There have been optimisations made for the app to work in places with the spotty Internet.

Most of the features have been retained on the Spotify Lite Beta app, such as the Daily Mix playlists, music assorted as per different genres, artists, and more. The interface is as much intuitive as the regular, full-scale Spotify app. But there is a data management setting that the user can tweak to assign how much Internet the app uses. The monthly cap on data is up to 3GB, which is for cellular connections. On Wi-Fi, there shouldn t be a limit on the data usage.

Spotify s India launch had teething problems that are still looming on the company s course in a market where its US rival is undercutting it fiercely. Within a few days after Spotify debuted in India, Apple announced a price drop on its Apple Music subscriptions. For the first time, Apple Music saw its monthly subscription fee coming down to Rs 99 from Rs 120 for individuals and Rs 149 from Rs 199 for family sharing. The new pricing pitted Apple Music against the other music streaming services in India, including the newcomer YouTube Music.