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SpiceJet slashes fares for one-way travel to Rs 2,013 across India

New Delhi: India's second biggest budget airline SpiceJet Ltd Friday slashed fares for one-way tickets aross the country to a consolidated price of Rs 2,013, inclusive of all taxes, available till Sunday.

Indigo, in response to SpiceJet's price cuts, also reduced its fares to Rs 2,000 per one-way ticket to key destinations like Mumbai-Delhi, Mumbai-Banglore for February.

SpiceJet will be offering one million one-way tickets available till Sunday to travel to all destinations the carrier flies domestically between Feb 1 and April 31.

Following the slash in ticket prices, the company reported that around 200,000 tickets had been sold by the Thursday evening, with rumors of its online booking website crashing, because it was not accessible to many prospective customers.

"Our booking engine did not go down. But we limited the number of people who could log in simultaneously, due to sheer volume. This was to prevent the site from crashing. We sold 200,000 tickets on Friday, while normally we sell 40,000 to 45,000 tickets a day on an average," the daily quoted company Chief Executive Officer Neil Mills as saying.

The carrier's fares are around 50%-60% lower than average prices, with the airline offering around 50,000 seats a day.