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Speeding car rams into bicycles, car and motorcycle in Yamunanagar, 5 injured

Yamunanagar (Haryana) [India], Jan 12 (ANI): A car hit two bicycle riders and then smashed into a stationary car on the roadside before hitting a motorcycle here on Saturday evening.

Five persons were injured in the accident. The driver and other occupants left the car and escaped from the spot.

"A high-speed Honda City car first hit two bicycle riders on the road and then crashed into a stationary car parked on the roadside. The car then hit a bike rider and driver fled from the spot," Bansi Lal, an eye witness.

According to him, three or four people who were on board the car left the vehicle and escaped from the spot.

The police reached the spot and took the car into their possession.

"We had received information that a high-speed car has hit some people. We reached the spot to find that the car driver had escaped from the spot. The car is in our possession and the accused is being searched. We found a hookah in the car indicating that the driver may be in a drunken state," said Inspector Mehar Lal

Further, an investigation is underway (ANI)