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South Florida Oculoplastic Surgeon, Mike Connor, Receives International Referrals for His Eyelid Surgical Service

·3-min read

Eyelid surgery is a standard procedure performed for both cosmetic and medical purposes. Some people might require eyelid surgery if they need excess skin around their eyelids removed, including the fatty bulges that cover the top of their eyes and protrude from the lower eyelid. In other cases, people get them to enhance their appearance by tightening the skin, fat and muscles around their eyelids.

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In South Florida, an oculoplastic surgeon named Dr. Michael Connor is gaining popularity in the cosmetic industry. In fact, he is one of only 500 oculoplastic surgeon subspecialists in the United States. Not only that, but he has been called a leader in the cosmetic industry when it comes to rejuvenating the mid and upper portions of the face.

“I create personalized surgical plans for each patient to ensure their needs and desires are met,” said Dr. Connor. “I provide every surgical patient with my personal cell phone number so that I can address any concerns following surgery. I personally invest myself in every step of their journey because I understand surgery can be stressful .”

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Dr. Connor operates his own eyelid surgical practice called “Oculoplastic & Orbital Consultants”, located in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. It is a specialized cosmetic surgical practice that focuses exclusively on surgeries involving the upper face. This includes the tear ducts, upper and lower eyelids, and all the structures around the eyes. The surgeries usually involve either subtle nonsurgical enhancements or the total reconstruction of one or more of these areas.

“People come to me when they or their loved ones need eyelid surgery,” said Dr. Connor. “I receive a lot of referrals from physicians around the United States, as well as Europe and South America. My entire staff is hand-selected to ensure my patients have a comfortable, welcoming, and nurturing environment when they visit my office. It is crucial to provide such an environment because patients are often nervous when considering cosmetic surgery for the first time.”

Dr. Connor performs thousands of eyelid procedures each year on patients from all over the world. His most commonly requested procedures include upper eyelid surgery, lower eyelid surgery, and cosmetic brow lifting procedures. Surprisingly, a significant number of his patients come to him following complications from eyelid surgeries performed by other surgeons.

“A patient must choose the right surgeon whenever they’re undergoing cosmetic surgery,” said Dr. Connor. “Numerous patients have come to me and requested that I repair the damage done to their eyelids after complications from previous cosmetic eyelid procedures. As a board-certified oculoplastic surgeon, I have the training and skill level necessary to perform advanced and complicated surgical eyelid procedures. Since I specialize strictly on the eyelids and upper face, I have the expertise and experience that is required to have a surgical outcome that creates a natural and beautiful look in my patients”.

Striving for ultimate surgical success, Dr. Connor created Scarology- The Ultimate Scar System. It is a unique and highly effective at-home scar treatment system that is sold and distributed around the world. He created Scarology to help his patients achieve the best possible result and now, his scar products have become widely recognized in many countries. It can be used to heal all kinds of scars, not just those related to eyelid surgery.