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Soon, mind-reading helmet that can reveal your crimes

Washington, July 13 (ANI): A new website-less company is developing a technology that promises to peek into a person's brain to reveal some of their secrets.

Veritas Scientific's CEO, Eric Elbot's device is a futuristic motorcycle-type helmet containing metal brush sensors that will read brain activity as images.

Scientists have shown that familiar images prompt spikes of electrical brain activity that indicate recognition. Recognition indicates memory, and memory implies knowledge.

Veritas's goal is to create an electroencephalogram (EEG) helmet with a slideshow of images that could reliably help to identify an enemy.

"The last realm of privacy is your mind," Discovery News quoted Elbot as telling IEEE Spectrum.

"This will invade that.

"The helmet would be similar to a motorcycle helmet, though I'm envisioning more of a Daft Punk-style head piece. However, there will be no Digital Love pumping through the helmet, only metal brush sensors that will read brain activity as it responds to images flashed across the visor.

"Under the guise that recognition indicates memory and memory implies knowledge, Veritas' aim is to develop an electroencephalogram (EEG) helmet that registers spikes in brain activity triggered by familiar images" he said.

Elbot said he envisions the technology will be beneficial with law enforcement agencies, in criminal trials and corporate takeovers.

Eventually, he says the technology will be available as smartphone apps for civilians.

"Certainly it's a potential tool for evil," Elbot said.

"If only the government has this device, it would be extremely dangerous," he added. (ANI)