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Blagnac, France, December 01st 2020- 7.45pm,

Equity investment project of Dassault Systèmes into the capital of A.V.Simulation

SOGECLAIR, designer and manufacturer of innovative solutions with high added value for mobility, announces being in advanced and exclusive negotiations for the entry of Dassault Systèmes into the capital of A.V.Simulation, a joint subsidiary of RENAULT and OKTAL (head of SOGECLAIR's Simulation division), dedicated to the simulation of automotive mobility solutions.

10 million capital increase would be subscribed by Dassault Systèmes. Following this increase, Oktal would hold 55.25%, Renault 29.75% and Dassault Systèmes 15% of A.V. Simulation.

Dassault Systèmes' acquisition of a stake in its capital would notably allow:

  • Reinforcement of R&D investments aimed at the certification of on-board systems of autonomous vehicles, driven by the realistic simulation of information exchanges with their environment,

  • The development of international turnover.

The integration of A.V.Simulation's SCANeR™ software into the Dassault Systèmes 3DEXPERIENCE Platform would make it possible to offer a complete solution for simulating the different levels of vehicle autonomy in order to shorten their development cycles, reduce prototyping and physical testing costs and finally speed up certification.

Completion of the transaction remains subject to the signature of the final agreements and to any required authorizations from the competition authorities.

Next press release: Q4 2020 turnover, February 3rd 2021 after closing of the Stock Market

About A.V.Simulation

A.V. Simulation is a company created in July 2017 by contributions from Oktal (head of the Simulation division of Sogeclair) and Renault. Based in France and in the United States, the company employs 82 employees and achieved a turnover of € 21.2 million in 2019.

SCANeR™ is a modular and open simulation platform offering numerous functionalities for modeling road environments, vehicles, sensors, traffic, scenario editing, massive simulation as well as photorealistic real-time 3D visualization. SCANeR ™ is now used for the development and the validation of Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems (ADAS), autonomous driving, Human-Machine Interfaces (HMI) and allows users to travel millions of virtual kilometers in a few days. SCANeR™ reduces development cycles while making them more reliable, from design to validation.

A.V.Simulation designs the highest performance driving simulators on the market. To support its customers, the company also provides services with very high added value around simulation such as training, advice, realization of scenarios, vehicle models, sensors, etc.


Designer and manufacturer of innovative high added-value solutions, SOGECLAIR brings its skills in high-quality engineering and production to a broad range of cutting-edge sectors, notably aeronautics, space, vehicle, rail and defense. Supporting its customers and partners from the design and simulation stages through to the end of the product’s lifetime, all along the production chain through to entry into service, the collaborators are working worldwide to offer a high-quality, proximity service to all its customers.

SOGECLAIR is listed on Euronext Paris – Compartment C – Indice Euronext® Family Business -Code ISIN : FR0000065864 / (Reuters SCLR.PA – Bloomberg SOG.FP)

Contacts: Philippe ROBARDEY, President & CEO of SOGECLAIR / Marc DAROLLES, Executive Vice President of SOGECLAIR / / +33(0)5 61 71 70 33