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Smart homes for smart seniors!

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From submarines to robots to mobile phones, science fiction has become our reality. A decade ago, would you have imagined being able to control your home appliances from any part of the globe? For instance, switching on your air conditioner while on your way home? Or turning on your geyser through a mobile app? No, right?! But today, all of this has been made achievable through rapid advancements in technology that is fuelling innovation in every industry sector and vertical.

Smart home devices are the future
Smart devices are influencing our way of life-how we shop, communicate, travel and gain knowledge. Although such devices are often associated with the young and more technology-savvy population, its utility in a senior citizen household can be immense. With reduced mobility and deteriorating health conditions, smart living is the need of the hour for aging citizens. By installing products like smart switches, smart lights, smart accessories, etc. seniors can easily integrate smart living into their daily lives. It allows them to control literally every aspect of their home-from lighting to home appliances to security devices. Most of these devices can be used with an intuitive remote or a mobile app or can be synced with voice-activated assistants such as Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

Having a fully automated home with such smart devices is like having a helping hand in the home, especially for seniors living alone. For instance, there are many smart doorbells that are equipped with a camera, speaker and microphone that allows you to see and interact with visitors from anywhere in your home. You can also unlock the door for them without even moving from your spot. These devices will not only reduce the dependency level of seniors but also increase their safety. The presence detecting switch that uses a motion sensor to operate is one such example. It can switch on and off lights, fans, and other devices. When connected to a light, it ensures that seniors don't move around in the dark, guaranteeing their safety.

Much more than convenience
Smart home automation allows one to be aware of what is happening within their home without being physically present. For example, there are systems that allow you to turn on electronic appliances while you are on your way back from a walk, or switch off devices at home while on vacation-all this just through the touch of a button on your phone. The most amazing part of all this is that these products are now available at a price that does not require seniors to burn through their retirement fund.

With smart home automation systems, it is now possible for seniors to lead a full, safe and productive life ahead without compromising on the quality of life. From smart doorbells to smart switches that can be operated and monitored remotely, there is a smart solution for all the needs of seniors living by themselves. This World Senior Citizen's Day, let us transform our homes to a senior-friendly home so that we all are better prepared to enjoy impending senior life.

by, Kishan Jain, Director, Goldmedal Electricals