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This is the small car of the future!

honda e front

Contrary to the vision of spaceships, this small car too has wheels and a steering wheel.

Jokes aside, this is how Honda envisions the small car of the future and so far it is a pleasing sight!

This near production car is called the Honda E and is a version of the concept which stole the limelight back in 2017. Honda got a big positive response for this and thus decided to do a production version which would be launched towards the end of 2019. This car retains the coolness of the concept and looks fantastic. It is simple, retro and cool at the same time. It is smaller than the Honda Jazz, but the simple headlamps/grille and the straight and simple lines make it a superb looking car!

Honda E

As the name suggests, it is an electric car and has been built specifically for that purpose. There is no word on the motor or any details, but we expect a range of 200 kms. It is a proper, futuristic car where there are no side mirrors, but cameras projecting the inside image suggest that there are many screens.

This is the future of small cars and yes we would love to have this in India, but the price and the size would not make it favourable for our market. Would you buy something like this in India? Let us know in the comments below.