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Siera Capesius: An American Entrepreneur dominating the fitness industry

Brand Voice
·3-min read

Siera Capesius’ Backstory

Siera Capesius was born in Denver, Colorado. She was extremely skinny, due to which she was made fun of, but that didn’t stop her from achieving her goals. Struggling with her bodily issues rather gave her this spark to learn about how different foods would help her feel better. She got more curious to know about how to disrupt the fitness industry. To do traditional things differently. Her motive has always been the same, to build programs based on each individual’s shape, size and fitness needs. A one-plan mindset, that needs to be eliminated, as each individual has their own fitness goals, body types and shapes.

She took the first step of action towards bettering her health at the age of 18 when she wanted to understand the true benefits of nutrition and how different foods would impact an individual’s mind and body. With that interest she pursued a degree in Human Nutrition and dietetics that ultimately changed the direction of her life. During this process, she learnt that how our foods and what we consume are directly linked with how we feel.

Not everyone is genetically gifted, some people need to break stones to get those abs and muscles, while for others it’s just a piece of cake.


Siera also owns an award winning personal training studio that has been awarded with the Denver A-List Top Best Personal Training and 5280 Denver Best Personal Training Studio in town named “Nourished Personal Training”. Having helped over one hundred people achieve their dream bodies and fitness goals. They also have a “NOURISHED APP”, which will provide you with at home or gym homework workouts to make sure you stay on track the days you aren’t with your trainer.

She also specializes in training a wide range of athletes and people of all ages and fitness levels worldwide. She has also been surveyed by huge companies such as Women’s Running, Muscle Fitness Hers and Denver Life Magazine. Siera is breaking the mold when it comes to fitness. Her impact in the community is positively redefining the standard for fitness all around the world.

Her biggest achievement is her dream come true, as more individuals have dramatically transformed their sedentary lives into being active and healthy.

What makes Siera different?

The difference between the program Siera created and any other fitness and health program is that it focuses on creating a nutritional lifestyle that contains a variety of recipes instead of bland and tasteless repeating foods that most personal trainers suggest. The philosophy isn’t about creating a restrictive program that makes individuals feel limited, but a program that include diversity and foods people still enjoy in moderate quantities. By incorporating foods rich in diverse minerals, vitamins, phytonutrients, fibers and colors the body’s tendency is to heal itself from the inside out. Combined with the Nourished strength and conditioning workout component, clients feel strong, energized and happy to be taking care of themselves in an enjoyable and sustainable journey.

The Future of Nourished

From a young and underweight woman, to becoming a business owner, trainer, nutritionist and entrepreneur, Siera’s mission is to assist and help as many as she can in this journey called life. Siera is growing Nourished to continue spreading the notion of thinking that nutrition and diet is something beyond eating, and that nutrition is to be enjoyed, rather than forcefully feeding yourself with the bland recipes. She needs to instruct individuals on the significance of both wellness and sustenance and how both of these parts are required with regards to reaching their fitness goals.

This is just a small recognition for the hard work she was built from a simple idea of helping others not feel like she felt when she was younger.

For more information follow Siera on or on

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