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Should you buy a diesel car now or wait for BS6?

While one can say that the recent sales slump plaguing the Indian car market is because of the fact that the buyers’ sentiment is weak, a closer look reveals there is more than just what meets the eye.

Another major sales deterrent could be BS6. Many buyers are simply withholding their car buying decision to see how BS6 pans out and there are a variety of reasons for that. More so with diesel. There is a lot of uncertainty around the future of diesel and price of diesel cars since there is a scare that diesel will soon run of favour. Let us address some of these concerns here and tell you whether you should buy a diesel now, or wait.

Diesel SUVs

The BS6 upgrade will see an increase of around Rs 30-50k for petrol cars and around a lakh for diesel cars. So, post BS6, diesel car prices will increase by a lakh or more in some cases. Also, the diesel engine is not going anywhere post BS6? While Maruti may have announced that it is quitting diesel (that too while saying its 1.5l will make a probable comeback), every other car-maker will continue to offer diesel engine cars.

However, you can safely bid goodbye to the 'small diesel'. The upgradation to BS6 will mean that the prices of small diesel cars will increase and therefore nullify any potential savings. Nearly all below-Rs 10 lakh diesels or small diesels are likely to be discontinued. Thus, there would be no Swift diesel or Baleno diesel. Also expect cars like the i20 or Grand i10 or other small cars which are price sensitive, to be petrol only.

Maruti diesel engine

So, that brings to the question, should you buy a diesel now?

Yes, I would say. Now, in fact, is a great time to pick up a diesel. If you are buying a small capacity diesel, do it right away as post BS6 the small models may not be around. Diesel still rules and, for fuel efficiency and long distance motoring, it is still the best option.

Even if you are thinking of buying a Fortuner or other SUVs with a BS4 diesel, we think you should go ahead.

What about resales? Well, the increase in price will remove any savings you stand to make over getting a BS6 one. Also, if you are keeping a diesel car for 5-10 years, the difference is not that much. Hence, we think it is best to strike when the iron is hot and get good deals in the market right now.