Selling Your iPad 2? How to Earn More

The latest buzz in the tech scene is the much-anticipated unveiling of Apple's iPad 3, expected to reveal on March 7. With all eyes on the upcoming iPad 3, owners of the iPad 2 can snag a chance at greater earnings to squirrel into savings accounts by selling their iPad 2 sooner than later.

Apple aficionados recall the weeks before the iPad 2 was unveiled and a similar trend developed. First-generation iPad enthusiasts had to choose between keeping their existing tablet or upgrading to the iPad 2. However, those wise to the gadget game know that resale values are best before the new version releases.

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Chad Catacchio of The Next Web shared that he sold his classic 16GB Wi-Fi iPad weeks before the iPad 2 unveiled to the world, and received a substantial $310 in just 30 minutes.

Selling your iPad 2 can be just as easy, too. Chances are, you're not going to get the best sale value for your iPad 2 by tucking it away in the depths of your drawer or passing it off to a friend or relative--after all, are you really going to make your grandmother pay $400 just to keep in touch with you?

For the most profitable ways to sell your iPad 2, try these strategies to put hundreds of dollars back into your pockets:

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1. Be the early bird. There is much speculation that Apple does not intend on discontinuing their iPad 2 product--instead, the company may opt to continue production on the iPad 2 and offer it to consumers at a lower retail price.

What this means for iPad 2 sellers: Selling used iPad 2s before the potential price drop makes sales more competitive in the pre-owned marketplace. Additionally, with the iPad 2 still being the only accessible Apple tablet in stores, buyer interest remains relatively high.

If Apple does decide to kill off the iPad 2, remaining stock is likely to drop in cost, meaning that used iPad 2 worth will likely plummet as well.

2. Closet-dive for original packaging. With enough luck, you've kept the original box, packaging, leaflets, and accessories that came standard with the iPad 2. An iPad 2 16GB Wi-Fi with original packaging and accessories currently lists at an average of $450 on Craigslist.

What this means for iPad 2 sellers: These items may seem miniscule to the inexperienced re-seller, but are in fact, important pieces to include into the bundle when selling the iPad 2. Without the packaging material, prices can drop by about $50 or more.

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3. eBay. Even though eBay has been around for years, they are still able to remain competitive even with iPad 2 sales. Existing auctions for an iPad 2 16GB Wi-Fi (with 17 hours left to go at auction) were at an impressive $400 in bids.

What this means for iPad 2 sellers: There is still a strong market for used products on eBay. To maintain an edge over other sellers, avoid using stock images of the iPad 2. Instead, take quality pictures of the exact item being sold with flattering lighting. Descriptions, including any physical or functional damage, should be clearly noted. When using this route to sell an iPad 2, make sure your seller's rating is high.

4. Sell to NextWorth. is a website that buys old electronic devices such as the iPad 2 from sellers just like you. Simply answer a short list of questions about the condition of your iPad, receive a quote instantly, ship the tablet to NextWorth for inspection, and then receive payment.

What this means for iPad 2 sellers: No need to deal with a long auction wait time or pesky buyers with low-ball offers.

NextWorth gives sellers the option to conduct business with a reputable online entity and get funds sent via PayPal, Target gift card or check.

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5. Visit a Local Best Buy. Receiving a quote for the specific condition and specifications of your iPad 2 takes a few seconds to complete through the Best Buy website. If the quote suits your fancy, take a trip to your neighborhood Best Buy and trade up the iPad 2 at their Trade-in Center for a Best Buy gift card.

What this means for iPad 2 sellers: Best Buy gives sellers a convenient way to make money with the iPad 2 outside of the online market. Sellers can use their Best Buy gift card to upgrade to an iPad 3, but are restricted to use earned funds with the retailer only.

If you're a tech junkie who's itching to get your hands on the rumored 2048x1536 Retina display or are simply interested in the suspected camera upgrade for a better FaceTime experience, selling your iPad 2 before the new generation hits the shelves can give your budget the advantage it needs to sustain a $500-plus iPad 3 purchase in the coming weeks.

Jennifer Calonia writes for, which provides readers informative personal finance and investing content, as well as the best interest rates on financial services nationwide.

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