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Web security matters — 31% rise in online threats in just three months

FE Bureau

According to Kaspersky Security Bulletin 2019, a whopping 31% of Indian users were attacked by web-borne threats between January and March 2019. In the same period, 52% of users in the country were attacked by local threats, which makes the situation even more dire. India is placed 14th worldwide, as the country of origin for global online attacks.

Today, with our phones, tablets, computers, laptops and even Smart TVs and home security connected to the internet, the need for home security products has never been more urgent. Users are vulnerable to a great extent, because one attack on one machine has the potential to devastate one s entire home system and even wipe out vital financial and personal data.

There are different types of security solutions for different needs that consumers can look at for their systems. First, Anti-virus; these safeguard all your devices PC, laptop, mobile phone with the purchase of just one licence. One can be safe from viruses, spyware, phishing and malicious websites. The price for this type of solution for a 1 year, 1 PC plan is only Rs 599.

Second, Internet Security solution that protect every aspect of your digital life, across PC, Mac and Android. Apart from protecting all your devices across operating systems, it can help with privacy protection, extra security for websites where you shop or bank and security for kids with the program giving you the power to control what they can view. A typical 1 year, 1 PC solution plan retails at Rs 999.

Third is Total Security solution. This is a comprehensive plan your family needs, that protects your PC, Mac and Android machines, iPhone and iPad. In addition to everything that the Internet Security solution may offer, this solution also offers extra security for kids with learning tools, secure password manager that eases your safe password management and file backup and an encryption option that enables you to make backup copies of precious photos, music and files on your PC. The price for this type of solution for a 2 year, 1 PC plan is `1,599.