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How To Search Jobs Quietly Without Leaving Any Clue For Your Employer

Sashikanth Yechuri

Most companies prefer to hire talented employees rather than promoting their in-house talent. This is the reason why many in-house employees feel that their talent is not valued or recognised, despite putting in their best efforts to achieve the organisational goals. If you also feel that you are highly skilled and experienced but not being valued by your company, it's time for you to start searching for a new job.

Whilst searching for a new job, one has to be more careful because if his/her employer catches one doing so, it will surely jeopardize the current job. To be honest, the best time to explore better work opportunities is while working. Here, we discuss some points that will improve your job search without providing any clue to your current employer.

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Make Your Story And Prepare Well

Prior to your job search, devote time to catalogue all your highlights and achievements. This will be useful to answer the most daunting questions during the first round of an interview process, ''Tell me about yourself.'' Prepare a general overview of your story and practise meticulously.

Use Your Office Breaks Productively

Be conscious about the time. Try to leave your desk for a coffee break or lunch whenever you get any interview calls. This way, it will be easy for you to pick up the calls and you will attract less attention of your employer or co-workers. One should also bank some personal days to appear for the interviews.

Save Time At The Workplace

Going for a job search while working is a tough task because you need to meet the deadline in the office besides attending private calls. It is advised to use the office time productively by completing the daily targets early because most of the recruiters start their interview calls after 2 pm.

Handle Social Media Cleverly

Nowadays, everyone is connected through social media. Thanks to digitalisation. Hence, it is important for you to take some steps such as not announcing on the social media that you are looking for a new job if you are currently working. Instead, try to reach out to your personal contacts one after the other and let them know about your job search. This will give better results.

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Avoid Office Resources

Your employer can find out whether you are searching for a job or not with the portals or websites you access during the business hours. Hence, it is advised to avoid the office laptop or Internet to carry out the job search. If it is very important for you to carry out some activity during the daytime, make use of your smartphone.

Cool Your Jets

Not all your co-workers are your friends. Think twice before you open up about job search because some might be closer to your boss or think about their own upward mobility. Never show unprofessional behaviour, such as turning late to the office because it will give your co-workers and employer to think more about you.

On the whole, if you are looking for a new job while working, the important things you need to remember are not displaying your shift options, acting normally during business hours and conversing with everyone carefully.

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